Once upon a time there was a season named winter

I still can recall those sweet memories of my childhood when I used to go to village in the December month. After the final term exam we had no tension and enjoyed the time fully. In the early morning we woke up from the bed and directly went to the kitchen to get warmth from […]

Special kids are not burden for us

I am a teacher of an English medium school and that too an international school. Because of my teaching profession I got to know these day’s kids much more closely and I found it out that the children are very smart. When I first joined there students tried to trick with me but gradually they […]

Earthquake attack in Bangladesh and its Precaution

I woke up with a heavy shakiness on 4th January at 5:07am. I asked myself am I feeling dizziness or I am dreaming. When I felt that this shaking is nothing else but earthquake then my sleepy mood is completely gone and rush to awake my husband. We went to outside our building however I […]

Mother’s Day in Bangladesh

Mother’s day celebrated in Bangladesh the second Sunday of the month of May. This year it is celebrated on 10th may. It is celebrated this year with delightfully among mothers and their children.

Different organizations such as fashion houses, restaurants, beauty parlors offering special offers to mothers and their children. Along with the business entrepreneur […]

Shishu Mela – Use a place as it should be

Last week I went to ‘Shishu Mela’ at Shamoly with my cousins. I wanted to show the rides and how the children are enjoying by themselves. Though my intention was good but I made them to see something else which is very cheap. The place was less used by children and more used as a […]

Today’s childhood

I can still remember those golden days when I was a child and did lots of mischief and at the same time spent a lot of amusing moments. In our childhoods we used to do various things and every work was filled with enjoyment and happiness. However, now-a-days child becomes more self-centered. They spend their […]