Shishu Mela – Use a place as it should be

Last week I went to ‘Shishu Mela’ at Shamoly with my cousins. I wanted to show the rides and how the children are enjoying by themselves. Though my intention was good but I made them to see something else which is very cheap. The place was less used by children and more used as a dating place. For that reason the environment of this has been polluted. Parents feel unprovoked to bring their children here. As a result children loose their recreation place. I am not against the people who are dating rather I want to give them suggestion to go to some other recreational park. In there they also can feel free. Adults should think about the young children, if they don’t then who will? There is one type of people who takes steps by themselves. But the other kind who does not care about anything for those people a caretaker should be recruited to govern the place properly.

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