New Born Mandatory Shopping

It’s a great pleasure to shop for the little one for a newly mom. When a child coming to a family the environment changes. Every single person in the family rejoice and wait for that special moment when the baby arrives. However when a baby coming to a family it’s a huge responsibility to all. […]

Earthquake attack in Bangladesh and its Precaution

I woke up with a heavy shakiness on 4th January at 5:07am. I asked myself am I feeling dizziness or I am dreaming. When I felt that this shaking is nothing else but earthquake then my sleepy mood is completely gone and rush to awake my husband. We went to outside our building however I […]

Immigration to CANADA via Express Entry from Bangladesh

In 2015 the most popular word was express entry for the immigrants. This is one of the easiest way to get immigration in Canada from Bangladesh. If you are planning to get immigration to Canada then this article will help you to get some important information. For three types of people can easily move on […]

Care For Legs In Rainy Season

Now girls are very concern about beauty. To mean beauty they care about every single part of their body so they do care about their legs. As rainy season is coming soon and everyone who are conscious about their beautification are talking about how they can enhance their beauty of their legs. Well, it is […]

Want to lose some weight??

Firstly I want to assure you that I am not giving you any difficult task like exercise or avoiding rich foods. That does not mean that I am against exercise or avoiding rich foods. Obviously it is a good habit to exercise and avoid rich foods.

Some people get some difficulties to do these things […]

Seasonal Changes – Summer to Rainy Day

It is summer season having lots of storm with rain and rainy season is coming with heavy rainfall. The weather changes so frequently that can affect people. It says that when season changes that causes many types of infectious diseases like fever, diarrhea, tonsil, influenza and so on. Now it is May month, having rainfall […]