New Born Mandatory Shopping

It’s a great pleasure to shop for the little one for a newly mom. When a child coming to a family the environment changes. Every single person in the family rejoice and wait for that special moment when the baby arrives. However when a baby coming to a family it’s a huge responsibility to all. There is not only happiness but also there is lot more. Especially to be mother and to be father need to take care each and every single thing. The big day when the little one comes to a family everyone wants to stay with the new born. On the other it’s also true that a new born needs many objects and all items may not found in one shop. So it would be better if the items are bought beforehand. Tough before buying any product a newly parent must know which one to buy and what not to buy. I also did a list before delivering my baby. So here am I helping you to know spending money which items are really worthy for a new born.

Dresses: After coming to a new world a new born first need dress to secure him/ her. Not any type of dresses fit him or her. Cotton soft and comfortable dresses should wear a baby.

Receiving towel: When a new born arrives he or she must be received properly with a nice and soft receiving towel. Though some hospital with provide this towel still some parents want to receive their new born with their own towel. Moreover this towel will be helpful till 3 month of baby.

Diaper: After a baby is born it pees or poops and it is very important to buy any quality brand diaper. There are also washable diapers also available however I didn’t find them quite usable.

Wipe tissue: Wipe tissue is for wiping the extract after pooping one baby or before changing the diapers. There are tons of brands in stores but for new born cotton wipes are best.

Washcloth: Washcloth can be useful for various purposes. For instance wiping and sponging is best from washcloth.

Napkin: After feeding a baby sometimes baby needs to dry up with the help of napkin. Even before putting a diaper a napkin will be helpful to dry up.

Bedding: There are many kinds of bedding now a days. When parents are buying bedding one thing must be in their mind and that is comfort.

Pillow: For a sound sleep a soft comfy pillow is mandatory for a new born. I bought pillow for my baby from Mother Care.

Mosquito net: Bangladeshi context mosquito net is mandatory. I bought mosquito net before giving birth to my baby.

Feeder: it is best to feed baby breast milk at least for first 6 months however before having baby keeping a feeder will be helpful in case of any emergency.

Shower items: Shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, cream, baby oil, rash cream are mainly useful for a new born. First one month it’s better not to use much cosmetics on new born in fact now a days doctors suggests not to use cosmetics before second moth.

Bathtub: Everyday bathing is important for everyone even for a new born. However bathing a new born is also very risky. Therefore nice comfortable bathtub is very important. I bought bathtub for my baby from kids and mom.

Other accessories: Socks, cap, bif, pacifier, hair brush, cotton buts, cotton, bright colored toy, petroleum jelly, stroller, baby carrier and so on.




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