Sab E Barat Celebration In Present Days

Now a day’s people gives so much opinion on sab e barat issue that makes me real sad. I don’t know much about religious views which one is to do or which one is prohibited therefore what I am going to share with you today don’t take it otherwise. All I know that in my childhood I used to celebrate sab e barat occasion quiet delightedly. On the other hand through social network I see a lot debate on celebrating sab e barat now a days.

Lots of sweet dishes such as haluas, rice pudding, Caramel pudding, suji, laddoos, rice powdered chapattis with freshly cooked beef and many more. Not only sab e barat is all about food rather it’s a great enjoyment to the youngsters. In the evening of the big day youngsters blasts different types of tarabati. Some go to mosque for praying however other prays at home till late night. This night considered as a special night as the Muslim people asks forgiveness from god with devotion.

Unfortunately in present days if one is celebrating sab e barat it’s like a crime to many people and they give such a long speech against it. I know many people who used to celebrate this day back 5/7 years back those people has different opinion now. People changes so frequently. Moreover, just before the day social networking sites starts posting different views on celebrating sab e barat. Actually this a religious event in fact there is no harm celebrating it. Furthermore we get the chance to eat delicious foods. Sadly I do miss the day badly.

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