Growing Snake Plants Indoors: Information and Care Tips

The snake plant is also called Sansevieria or Mother-in-law’s tongue. Their leaves directly come from the soil, and leaves can be tall up to 12 feet. This plant can turn a dull corner into a bright, cheerful place. I like this plant for a lot of reasons. It is not only beautiful but also […]

Few Houseplants for Newbie Gardeners

If you are thinking of buying some houseplants for your home and have no experience growing houseplants, choose the right plants before you buy. The best is beginners should buy three or four plants the first time and then increase slowly. Some plants may die if a beginner does not choose easy caring plants. […]

Growing Houseplants – A Great Practice

I love plants. I love to see that these living things are growing in front of me. I love to take care of my house plants. I enjoy greens are around me. I adore making new plants for myself and sometimes gifts to my friends and relatives.

Some Indoor Plants

Four years ago I […]