Sab E Barat Celebration In Present Days

Now a day’s people gives so much opinion on sab e barat issue that makes me real sad. I don’t know much about religious views which one is to do or which one is prohibited therefore what I am going to share with you today don’t take it otherwise. All I know that in my […]

Khud in Bogra

Each and every country has some special foods. Likewise every region has some special foods of their own. I was born in Dhaka and never been to village that much until I get married. After my marriage I went to Bogra and there I have been introduced with a new food. That is actually made […]

Today’s Generation in Bangladesh

I was returning from the office today and surprisingly follow that my co-passenger signed up Facebook account and continuously click the ‘like’ button. She didn’t know even what is the picture is about. Now a day it is very ordinary thing to give likes and for that you will also get some likes on your […]

Ekushey February Night around Shaheed Minar

Shaheed Minar of Ekushey February

I am missing those Ekushey February nights this moment. The environment of 21st February remains completely different than other 364 days in some places in Bangladesh. I was a resident of Salimullah Hall, Dhaka University. The road in front of the hall is the entry road of Shaheed Minar. Think about the scenario of the […]