Khud in Bogra

Each and every country has some special foods. Likewise every region has some special foods of their own. I was born in Dhaka and never been to village that much until I get married. After my marriage I went to Bogra and there I have been introduced with a new food. That is actually made by rice but the rice was broken and that was called Khud. The processing time of the crop rice into rice some of the rice gets broken and those have been sorted out very carefully as those are used for Khud. So this is the procedure of getting Khud.

The very first morning of my in laws house I ate this yummy and real spicy food. Especially the people of Bogra eat this in the winter season after getting the new crops. Usually they enjoy it in the morning time as breakfast still you can enjoy it in any time as a full meal.

The process of making this is very simple and super easy. The same way Bengali people cook rice the exact way Khud is at first cooked with water. After the Khud gets ready it gets mixed with red pepper, onion, small amount of garlic, mustered oil and finally salt. After mixing it properly some people eat that with beef or egg or even with eggplant fry.

In many parts of Banglaesh Khud is very famous. However the preparing of the khud can be in any style. From my first experience having it was really good. But one thing I must admit that this is super spicy. Whenever you travel to Bogra don’t forget to taste that and be cautious as it is spicy.

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