Days in Cox’s Bazar

Last year in 2015 we had our first anniversary. In these days everyone gives special treat to friends and family, unfortunately or fortunately we were not financially equivalent on that time to spend thousands of money on that issue. Rather we were planning something else only for us. Just two of us!!! So we planned to go for a tour in Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin. Our anniversary was on 4th April but we started our journey on 2nd April at night. I was extremely excited as I was never been to cox bazar or any beach in my entire life. Don’t think that my husband was not excited, he was also excited because he had been there before 10 years back so everything became hazy from his memory.

Anyways after a long 10 hours journey we had reached in Cox’s Bazar in the morning at 8 am. I was cautiously waiting to hear the noise of the shore as someone told me that from very far people can hear the sound of the shore unfortunately I couldn’t hear anything like that.

Suddenly I saw the beach, the longest sea beach in the world from my bus and the bus was about to stop at that moment. We had a friend over there and he helped us to arrange a hotel and had our breakfast together. Now it’s time to go for a swim. It was a sunny day however the sun seemed extremely sweet for us. The wind was breezing too heavily and felt like it’s going to rain soon. We took shower and suddenly it started raining all of a sudden that doubled our enjoyment.

We stayed Cox’s Bazar for 3 days and it a great journey. We loved the food over there, the weather, coconut water, dried fish market and most importantly we loved the sea at night. I can go there in every single month to cheer me up.

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