A great achievement of Mithila

On 5th December, 2016 it was really a sunny day though it should be cold as its winter. The students of BRAC University were feeling warmer than the weather. This was the convocation day!!! On that day everyone was wearing blue gown as BRAC University has its own blue gown for the students. Mithila was one of them wearing her blue gown and she was glowing not only she was post graduating but she was getting Chancellor’s gold medal on that day. Only two of the students got Chancellor’s gold medal on that ceremony from those two students one from undergraduate and other from post graduate and that star is Rafiath Rashid Mithila having 4 out of 4 cgpa. This is definitely a great achievement by her. At the time of her announcement she brought her 3 years baby girl Ayra Tehreem khan on the stage and took the medal together.

That was such a beauty!!

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