Best wishes for Prova and Santo to their new married life

Congratulations Prova and Santo to your new life. Be happy and live long. Prova, you are a nice girl and Santo, you are also a nice person. You are brave. Prova, you have taken a good decision by marring. You showed us there is nothing to lose in life and it should be. Go ahead. Life is really beautiful. Don’t see what people are saying. Just enjoy yourselves. Have a nice journey. We wish you to be one of the happiest couple in this World.

On 19th December, Prova married Mahmud Santo. Santo is an employer of a corporation. This marriage had arranged by the two families. Prova and Santo are happy by marring each other. Their families are also happy. Prova’s fans congratulate them to their new life.

Prova and Santo marriage ceremony

5 thoughts on “Best wishes for Prova and Santo to their new married life”

  1. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    I also congratulate the couple. Life and love are much much above religion. However, I don’t know who Prova is. Will some body tell me who is Prova?

  2. She was an actress and model. Her previous fraud lover Rajib brought out 6 clips publicly when Prova married Apurbo (actor). Apurbo was informed about her previous relationship before marriage but he divorced her after the clips reached publicly. Most of the people started to blame and hate Prova. Her carrier was destroyed. Society kicked her but Rajib (the culprit) was out of punishment.

    Now she is trying to back. We should help her. She was the victim of society.

  3. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    Thanks Athena. Prova’s is a sad story reflecting the mind-set of society. Santo has a large heart. Let the couple live peacefully and achieve what they want. But how Rajib has not been punished yet?

  4. Well, i will say that Rajib should not show the clips to publicly since he knows that she got married to Apurbo. never the less she got married again and congratulate you.

  5. Muktar Ahmed Mukul

    Come out of your “holier than thou” religious mind set. This is 21st century. Don’t remain in fool’s paradise. Are you a Hefajoti or Jamaat? Why do you bring other religions in your comment and passed obnoxious remark about those? Sex-crime has been the hall mark of Islam through centuries. Your ‘Hujur’ did not tell you about that. You are simply ignorant.

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