Few Houseplants for Newbie Gardeners

If you are thinking of buying some houseplants for your home and have no experience growing houseplants, choose the right plants before you buy. The best is beginners should buy three or four plants the first time and then increase slowly. Some plants may die if a beginner does not choose easy caring plants. In my case, I purchased five plants, and three died within one month. Below are four less caring plants.

Money Plant

Pothos/Money Plants:

This plant is the most popular houseplant in the world. Pothos looks excellent both in the tabletop and hanging basket. This plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy or Devil’s vine because it is tough to kill. Popular types of pothos are Golden, Neon, Marble Queen, Silver. All are beautiful.

It is grown both in soil and water. In soil, this plant grows faster. But water is better for propagation.

The best thing is to place your pothos in the low, medium or bright light area of your home. Also, it tolerates some direct sun, but too much direct sunlight causes burn leaves. For faster growth, you can place it in a bright area.

17 to 30 Degree Celcius is the best temperature for plant growth of pothos. If topsoil is dry, add water.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant:

This spider-like plant is very easy to grow. I have this plant in my bedroom, living room and also in the bathroom. The newbie growers can choose this plant. The spiderettes of spider plants look beautiful both in a hanging basket and on a tabletop.

Choose well-drained soil for this plant. When topsoil is dry, add water.

This plant loves bright light. Morning sun will boost growth.  But avoid the whole day direct sun.

They don’t like temperatures below 10 Degree Celcius. Spider plant spiderettes are babies of the plant, and you can make new plants easily from these spiderettes.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo:

Newbie gardeners can choose this plant because it tolerates low, medium and bright light. Also, it can grow both in water and soil. Growing Lucky Bamboo in water is very popular than soil.

Propagation is so easy, like the Money Plant, and it is possible to make many plants from one plant. You can also make your design and decorate with this plant. The ideal temperature is 18 to 35 degrees Celcius.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily:

This plant produces beautiful white flowers. It is not a flower; actually, it is a special kind of leaf.

Peace Lily does not like direct sunlight, and low to medium light is ideal for this plant. But low light does not produce more flowers.

Temperature between 18 to 26 degrees Celcius is suitable for this plant.

Growing Houseplants – A Great Practice

I love plants. I love to see that these living things are growing in front of me. I love to take care of my house plants. I enjoy greens are around me. I adore making new plants for myself and sometimes gifts to my friends and relatives.

Some Indoor Plants

Four years ago I bought three houseplants for my house. That was the start. Not only houseplants, but also I had a rooftop garden back in my country, Bangladesh. In my rooftop garden, I harvested seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits. Now my relatives are taking care of the rooftop garden.

Growing houseplants is like an addiction. But this is, of course, in a better way. I believe that I am contributing a little bit to the world’s environment by caring for a plant, buying a plant, or propagating a plant. As many people will be involved with this thing, the world’s atmosphere will be better. Following are some thoughts on how we are increasing greens:

  • If people buy more plants, plant nurseries will grow more for profit. Ultimately green will be increased in the world.
  • People are propagating plants more, and simultaneously green are increasing.
  • We are decorating nicely with plants at home and seeing that people will be influenced.
  • Individuals caring for houseplants are gentle to other plants and trees, and they avoid harming the environment.
  • Some gardeners are very conscious of the environment. They are converting from paper-based to online-based. For example, I prefer to get my electricity bill through my email, not a paper bill. They know, in this way they can save some trees.

Some volunteers are helping people differently. I know a man, owner of a plant nursery, who gives plants as gifts among school students. He made the team named ‘Plant Doctor’ and is offering free plant caring in his area. Also, his team are helping people to make a successful rooftop garden.

I think plant growers are staying refreshed than others. Houseplants increase humidity in the home. Some plants also reduce air pollution though it is very little. I cannot explain all, but after starting, anyone can feel the change. I wish most of the people of the society would start indoor or outdoor plantations for better living.

New parents with a month old newborn

It has been a year I have become a mother. There is no doubt that it is an amazing journey however there are lots of ups and downs. The first month is the toughest month for both new mom and dad. As I have passed successfully one month therefore I thought writing my own experience will be beneficial for some new parents.

Lactating Baby:

At the very first time when the baby born whether it’s a boy or a girl or both whatever first two things are mainly important and these are feeding and pooping. My baby pooped soon after his birth and everyone was saying it is an initial part of a baby’s heath. On the other hand not every child will poop soon after birth. Some may take time. Then come again feeding part. If you are first time mom then do not be dishearten by thinking that your baby is not getting milk or not enough milk. Just continue feeding him or her as much as you can. This is the most important part of boosting your milk production. The more you feed your baby the soon you will have milk production. Hence lactation is an important part especially for the first couple of days.

Sleeping habit:

After feeding and pooping part there is another important factor in a baby’s life and that is sleep. Usually first couple of month’s baby do sleep a lot. As a new parent I used to get bored also irritated by the factor as I wanted to play with him and liked to cuddle a lot. Moreover a newborn baby needs to be fed in every three hours transition as they only depend on liquid food which is digested so easily. So if a baby sleeps more than 3 hours at a stretch then mom should wake him up to feed him.

Bath time:

Shower is another important part of our life for baby or for an adult person. I prefer to bathe my baby daily as it soothes baby also helps to have a peaceful sleep. From the day one to till today I never miss a day without shower. Even doctors suggest to shower your baby daily even he is ill. There is a lot of myth about it especially if you are from Asian sub-continent. Cosmetics can be avoided in first few days of a baby’s life. Plain water bath will definitely calm your baby. In addition shower time should be enjoyable for a baby just like a play time.


Baby welcomes this world with crying and it is very natural. Actually crying is the only way of their communication to everything. Interestingly there are different types of crying for various reasons. Parents just need to find it out the actual reason of crying. At first it will be a puzzle for the parents but initially it will resolve in no time. Usually most of the time baby sleeps the rest of the time they cries a lot in these process they get tired and then again sleep. Likewise they continue this over and over.

One thing I really recommend the new parents that to study a lot about parenting and baby development through internet. It will help parents a lot to learn more about parenting. Moreover when your own time will come automatically you will learn about it. May be this instinct is called as parenthood. I believe this instinct is truly god gifted to the parents.


Uber Ride in Bangladesh

It’s not been a year that uber has been launched in Bangladesh still it’s getting its popularity day by day. In 2016 may be in October uber has been launched in Bangladesh officially. Uber is an American technology company which has been founded in 2009 having formally named Ubercab. It’s a worldwide service and serving around 633 country till today. This is the easiest way to get any transport as uber operates through mobile. Uber drivers use their own cars or they drive rented cars. In Bangladesh uber is operating only in limited area. Outside Dhaka uber is not allowed till now. I myself used uber many times and their service is quiet up to the mark. I have seen a group on social networking site for uber riders and I am added to that group where people share their experience and thoughts on uber. Today I am going to share my experience as an uber rider.

Uber is the best option for middle class family and I found it really helpful. Though uber ride is really expensive if one is taking it for daily use. Whoever has no car however wants a ride like own car can use uber for instance. Actually I do the same thing and I feel like I am riding on my own car. Uber is really useful for any kind of get together, event altogether for a convenient ride uber is best option. There are other cab available in Dhaka city however uber is cheaper compared to other private transportation. On the other hand a couple of days ago I took a ride from Mirpur sector 10 to Square Hospital which was 9.96 kilometers and against this distance my bill was 810. I had 100 taka promotion so I had to pay 710 taka. Generally this much distance may cost 250 to 350 at most. This is not all uber fault as this is Dhaka city having absurd traffic jam so I had to pay that much. Thirty minutes journey was ended up in three hours journey.

However uber has been very useful to me as I have a baby and now I can easily move by uber. Especially whenever I have appointment with doctor I prefer to use uber. In fact when I had my labor pain I rush to hospital by uber. Moreover I came back from the hospital with my new born by uber. Therefore I have been using uber from the beginning of uber and just loving it.

New Born Mandatory Shopping

It’s a great pleasure to shop for the little one for a newly mom. When a child coming to a family the environment changes. Every single person in the family rejoice and wait for that special moment when the baby arrives. However when a baby coming to a family it’s a huge responsibility to all. There is not only happiness but also there is lot more. Especially to be mother and to be father need to take care each and every single thing. The big day when the little one comes to a family everyone wants to stay with the new born. On the other it’s also true that a new born needs many objects and all items may not found in one shop. So it would be better if the items are bought beforehand. Tough before buying any product a newly parent must know which one to buy and what not to buy. I also did a list before delivering my baby. So here am I helping you to know spending money which items are really worthy for a new born.

Dresses: After coming to a new world a new born first need dress to secure him/ her. Not any type of dresses fit him or her. Cotton soft and comfortable dresses should wear a baby.

Receiving towel: When a new born arrives he or she must be received properly with a nice and soft receiving towel. Though some hospital with provide this towel still some parents want to receive their new born with their own towel. Moreover this towel will be helpful till 3 month of baby.

Diaper: After a baby is born it pees or poops and it is very important to buy any quality brand diaper. There are also washable diapers also available however I didn’t find them quite usable.

Wipe tissue: Wipe tissue is for wiping the extract after pooping one baby or before changing the diapers. There are tons of brands in stores but for new born cotton wipes are best.

Washcloth: Washcloth can be useful for various purposes. For instance wiping and sponging is best from washcloth.

Napkin: After feeding a baby sometimes baby needs to dry up with the help of napkin. Even before putting a diaper a napkin will be helpful to dry up.

Bedding: There are many kinds of bedding now a days. When parents are buying bedding one thing must be in their mind and that is comfort.

Pillow: For a sound sleep a soft comfy pillow is mandatory for a new born. I bought pillow for my baby from Mother Care.

Mosquito net: Bangladeshi context mosquito net is mandatory. I bought mosquito net before giving birth to my baby.

Feeder: it is best to feed baby breast milk at least for first 6 months however before having baby keeping a feeder will be helpful in case of any emergency.

Shower items: Shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, cream, baby oil, rash cream are mainly useful for a new born. First one month it’s better not to use much cosmetics on new born in fact now a days doctors suggests not to use cosmetics before second moth.

Bathtub: Everyday bathing is important for everyone even for a new born. However bathing a new born is also very risky. Therefore nice comfortable bathtub is very important. I bought bathtub for my baby from kids and mom.

Other accessories: Socks, cap, bif, pacifier, hair brush, cotton buts, cotton, bright colored toy, petroleum jelly, stroller, baby carrier and so on.




Sab E Barat Celebration In Present Days

Now a day’s people gives so much opinion on sab e barat issue that makes me real sad. I don’t know much about religious views which one is to do or which one is prohibited therefore what I am going to share with you today don’t take it otherwise. All I know that in my childhood I used to celebrate sab e barat occasion quiet delightedly. On the other hand through social network I see a lot debate on celebrating sab e barat now a days.

Lots of sweet dishes such as haluas, rice pudding, Caramel pudding, suji, laddoos, rice powdered chapattis with freshly cooked beef and many more. Not only sab e barat is all about food rather it’s a great enjoyment to the youngsters. In the evening of the big day youngsters blasts different types of tarabati. Some go to mosque for praying however other prays at home till late night. This night considered as a special night as the Muslim people asks forgiveness from god with devotion.

Unfortunately in present days if one is celebrating sab e barat it’s like a crime to many people and they give such a long speech against it. I know many people who used to celebrate this day back 5/7 years back those people has different opinion now. People changes so frequently. Moreover, just before the day social networking sites starts posting different views on celebrating sab e barat. Actually this a religious event in fact there is no harm celebrating it. Furthermore we get the chance to eat delicious foods. Sadly I do miss the day badly.