Growing Houseplants – A Great Practice

I love plants. I love to see that these living things are growing in front of me. I love to take care of my house plants. I enjoy greens are around me. I adore making new plants for myself and sometimes gifts to my friends and relatives.

Some Indoor Plants

Four years ago I bought three houseplants for my house. That was the start. Not only houseplants, but also I had a rooftop garden back in my country, Bangladesh. In my rooftop garden, I harvested seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits. Now my relatives are taking care of the rooftop garden.

Growing houseplants is like an addiction. But this is, of course, in a better way. I believe that I am contributing a little bit to the world’s environment by caring for a plant, buying a plant, or propagating a plant. As many people will be involved with this thing, the world’s atmosphere will be better. Following are some thoughts on how we are increasing greens:

  • If people buy more plants, plant nurseries will grow more for profit. Ultimately green will be increased in the world.
  • People are propagating plants more, and simultaneously green are increasing.
  • We are decorating nicely with plants at home and seeing that people will be influenced.
  • Individuals caring for houseplants are gentle to other plants and trees, and they avoid harming the environment.
  • Some gardeners are very conscious of the environment. They are converting from paper-based to online-based. For example, I prefer to get my electricity bill through my email, not a paper bill. They know, in this way they can save some trees.

Some volunteers are helping people differently. I know a man, owner of a plant nursery, who gives plants as gifts among school students. He made the team named ‘Plant Doctor’ and is offering free plant caring in his area. Also, his team are helping people to make a successful rooftop garden.

I think plant growers are staying refreshed than others. Houseplants increase humidity in the home. Some plants also reduce air pollution though it is very little. I cannot explain all, but after starting, anyone can feel the change. I wish most of the people of the society would start indoor or outdoor plantations for better living.

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