New parents with a month old newborn

It has been a year I have become a mother. There is no doubt that it is an amazing journey however there are lots of ups and downs. The first month is the toughest month for both new mom and dad. As I have passed successfully one month therefore I thought writing my own experience will be beneficial for some new parents.

Lactating Baby:

At the very first time when the baby born whether it’s a boy or a girl or both whatever first two things are mainly important and these are feeding and pooping. My baby pooped soon after his birth and everyone was saying it is an initial part of a baby’s heath. On the other hand not every child will poop soon after birth. Some may take time. Then come again feeding part. If you are first time mom then do not be dishearten by thinking that your baby is not getting milk or not enough milk. Just continue feeding him or her as much as you can. This is the most important part of boosting your milk production. The more you feed your baby the soon you will have milk production. Hence lactation is an important part especially for the first couple of days.

Sleeping habit:

After feeding and pooping part there is another important factor in a baby’s life and that is sleep. Usually first couple of month’s baby do sleep a lot. As a new parent I used to get bored also irritated by the factor as I wanted to play with him and liked to cuddle a lot. Moreover a newborn baby needs to be fed in every three hours transition as they only depend on liquid food which is digested so easily. So if a baby sleeps more than 3 hours at a stretch then mom should wake him up to feed him.

Bath time:

Shower is another important part of our life for baby or for an adult person. I prefer to bathe my baby daily as it soothes baby also helps to have a peaceful sleep. From the day one to till today I never miss a day without shower. Even doctors suggest to shower your baby daily even he is ill. There is a lot of myth about it especially if you are from Asian sub-continent. Cosmetics can be avoided in first few days of a baby’s life. Plain water bath will definitely calm your baby. In addition shower time should be enjoyable for a baby just like a play time.


Baby welcomes this world with crying and it is very natural. Actually crying is the only way of their communication to everything. Interestingly there are different types of crying for various reasons. Parents just need to find it out the actual reason of crying. At first it will be a puzzle for the parents but initially it will resolve in no time. Usually most of the time baby sleeps the rest of the time they cries a lot in these process they get tired and then again sleep. Likewise they continue this over and over.

One thing I really recommend the new parents that to study a lot about parenting and baby development through internet. It will help parents a lot to learn more about parenting. Moreover when your own time will come automatically you will learn about it. May be this instinct is called as parenthood. I believe this instinct is truly god gifted to the parents.


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