Uber Ride in Bangladesh

It’s not been a year that uber has been launched in Bangladesh still it’s getting its popularity day by day. In 2016 may be in October uber has been launched in Bangladesh officially. Uber is an American technology company which has been founded in 2009 having formally named Ubercab. It’s a worldwide service and serving around 633 country till today. This is the easiest way to get any transport as uber operates through mobile. Uber drivers use their own cars or they drive rented cars. In Bangladesh uber is operating only in limited area. Outside Dhaka uber is not allowed till now. I myself used uber many times and their service is quiet up to the mark. I have seen a group on social networking site for uber riders and I am added to that group where people share their experience and thoughts on uber. Today I am going to share my experience as an uber rider.

Uber is the best option for middle class family and I found it really helpful. Though uber ride is really expensive if one is taking it for daily use. Whoever has no car however wants a ride like own car can use uber for instance. Actually I do the same thing and I feel like I am riding on my own car. Uber is really useful for any kind of get together, event altogether for a convenient ride uber is best option. There are other cab available in Dhaka city however uber is cheaper compared to other private transportation. On the other hand a couple of days ago I took a ride from Mirpur sector 10 to Square Hospital which was 9.96 kilometers and against this distance my bill was 810. I had 100 taka promotion so I had to pay 710 taka. Generally this much distance may cost 250 to 350 at most. This is not all uber fault as this is Dhaka city having absurd traffic jam so I had to pay that much. Thirty minutes journey was ended up in three hours journey.

However uber has been very useful to me as I have a baby and now I can easily move by uber. Especially whenever I have appointment with doctor I prefer to use uber. In fact when I had my labor pain I rush to hospital by uber. Moreover I came back from the hospital with my new born by uber. Therefore I have been using uber from the beginning of uber and just loving it.

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