Cox’s Bazar beach is about to lose its attraction

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is known for its wide and long sandy beach, which is considered by many as the world’s longest natural sandy sea beach is now in danger of being laid to waste. Whoever has gone there about ten years back if they relate the exact scenario of the present condition of beach then they cannot relate both scenario. The present sight of the beach is now losing its attraction and at the same times it also losing tourists interest. The natural look almost gone because many hotels, restaurants, gift shops, shopping mall, motel and commercial spaces are built in unplanned manner.

Though many tourism organization including government and non-government organization are increasing day by day but all of them are works like commercials. The tourism company is not bothered about giving permission to build new building nearby the beach. On the other hand, the district authorities, are trying to excuse themselves on a plea of government bodies like the forest department’s as well as the government high-ups’ involvement in the grabbing activities on the seashore. Sadly though, the government has many times shows it’s inattention towards stopping such illegal construction activities and demolishing those structures already built.

Though Cox’s Bazar is suffering a lot but still now it is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Ironically though, cox’s bazaar has already been in threat from government since 1999 and that declares that the entire beach area from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf ecologically critical. But unfortunately there is no such action been taken to save the largest beach in the world.

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