Today’s childhood

I can still remember those golden days when I was a child and did lots of mischief and at the same time spent a lot of amusing moments. In our childhoods we used to do various things and every work was filled with enjoyment and happiness. However, now-a-days child becomes more self-centered. They spend their time watching TV, playing indoor games and so on. This is how they lose the real entertainment of life.

Moreover cartoons are being polluted. Most of the cartoons are exposed to bad cartoons and programs on a daily basis that are slowly rotting their beautiful and soft minds. The mainstream of these cartoons are to show them some pointless characters with lots of crime and violence. Unfortunately, children are getting hooked to dirty, violent and useless cartoons. Most parents cannot even bother about it or simply ignore the fact just they become happy to know that their children are watching cartoons. Children stay within the boundaries of their small homes and they have nothing to do else. This is how they learn from young age disrespect their elders and how to skip school and also do violence with classmates.

Children are the future of a country and the future of a country depends on its education, and how their young minds are being nurtured in both at home and outside home. Children learn from their surroundings so the environment of both home and outside should be helpful for the children to acquire knowledge. Above all, there are few good schools but having low standard of teaching delivery and teaching no manners at all are also huge threats to the child. Schools should allow children to be introduced to varied subjects so that they are able to discover their gifts, rather than be forced to study things that do not nurture them. Athletics, music, dance, and art need to be introduced at an early age to nourish these young minds.

Children may even find their natural but hidden talent while doing many things. I believe that outdoor activities can explore children more extensive way. Recreation camps or picnic or outing should be done frequently. This is how a child can be engage in outdoor activities more and realize their dreams and potential for the future. At the same times they will enjoy the life full-fledged.


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