May Day – is really for the workers?

May Day is a day celebrating each year for the workers who stand against the usual routine of working. They fought for the establishment of eight hour working day. They basically wanted to get the rights from the society. In 1886 the revolution first starts and it goes on till 1904. Many had lost their lives also. It may be authorized that workers should get their rights and the eight hours working day or whatever but do you think this is actually practiced? I do not think that anyone will agree. The workers-without them we cannot pass a single day. Still they are treated most terribly specially the lower class workers. I mean to say that they are treated badly by physically, emotionally and even in the matter of earning money. Then what is the issue of celebrating May Day if the poor workers do get nothing but pain. Every year the workers came up new slogan but in reality can they practice those?

It is such shame that only to ensure the basic needs the workers have to work from morning to night. Climatic, physical, social all these problems cannot stop them from doing work. It is not because they are interested but they have to because of their livelihood. On the 1st May, the May Day is celebrating and this day is considered holiday for the workers. But can every worker really enjoy the holiday? It is extremely painful for me that they cannot make a holiday for themselves.

Every single worker is important for a nation and every year it is also celebrated. Still the funniest thing is the workers cannot get the proper rights. The workers who are mostly suffered they know nothing about May Day. Even they do not want to know all they want is a peaceful life. For them a peaceful life is that where to meet with the basic needs they do not have to trouble a lot.

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