Khomeini the EVIL

Out of 12 Imams of Shia Muslims (Twelver), 11 had unnatural deaths in the form of assassination by sword or poison. Two were even poisoned by their respective wife. All such murders were done at the behest of Sunni Caliphs. The 12th Imam (Mahdi) is said to be under occultation. The animosity and hatred between these two communities are still present today.

Against this background, how some Sunni Muslims (about 80 per cent of all Muslims are Sunni) have become inclined to follow the Shia Khomeini for Islamic terrorist activities? How Sunnis can follow the preaching of a Shia clergy like Khomeini? Is it not insulting to them? But the fact remains that the 1979 Islamic revolution of Khomeini (does the term ‘revolution’ has Qur’anic approval?), which ousted the Shah of Iran, intellectually compelled the Sunni terrorists to follow his path of terrorism. Since Islam is a violent religion, terrorism has become the common point for these opposing groups.

Khomeini, the highest spiritual leader of Shia Iran following 1979 revolution was also the highest (background) political leader of the country. His liberally distributed famous photograph was contrary to one important teaching of Islam: no living thing can be created by human and as such it can not be drawn/painted (or photographed). It was also violation of Sunnah. Khomeini was a Fascist and worse than Stalin, Hitler & Mao put together. He was a political and religious dictator of Iran. He was a bad replacement of another despot. Islamic terrorism got a fresh justification through Khomeini’s preaching and activities. His bitter, prolong and bloody fight with Iraq, however, negates all the logic of his interpretation of political Islam. His Islam is a cruel form of “Shia Islam”.

Khomeini and bin Laden belong to two different sects of Islam. These two sects have been hostile to each other all along. However, both Khomeini and bin Laden followed the same path of terrorism. If Islamic terrorism succeeds any day, a prolong and bloody war will ensure between Shias and Sunnis. What is Islam then?


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