Imran – Nadia ties knot

Imran H Sarkar and the daughter of education minister of our country Nadia Nondita Islam ties knot the last day of 2016. Many congratulation to the newly married couple. The weeding took place on Education minister’s house in a simple way.

I read a lot of lame comments on the online page about their marriage. […]

Al-Qaeda agenda:

As per news paper report, on the 9/11 anniversary this year (2012), a prominent Al-Qaeda leader vowed to liberate “occupied Muslim lands”, including India. His reasoning is not understood as Muslim lands of British ruled India were liberated by Mr Jinnah in 1947.

However if his argument is based on the fact that vast proportion […]

Alleged & factual linage of India’s ruling Nehru-Gandhi family

Hypocrisy in Indian secularism

This piece has not been written for mud slinging purpose. We are human beings and have rights to lead our personal lives as we want without dislocating the social peace and harmony. The object of this piece is politico-social.

Jawarharlal Nehru was arguably Muslim. Firoz Khan (Gandhi) & Indira Gandhi (Maimuna Begum) were also Muslims […]

Why Bangladesh can’t?

In the just concluded election of Libya, the liberal and secular-leaning National Forces Alliance and its allies secured 98 per cent of votes. In Arab world, this is a spectacular achievement. Why Bangladesh can’t go one step further? Since Islam is in no danger in Bangladesh, it can go for true secular political and social […]

Unbelievable Pakistan

The Newly appointed Pakistani High Commissioner to India Mr Salman Bashir termed the involvement of any Pakistani state agency (ISI) in Mumbai attack of 26/11 as unbelievable. He is entitled to his opinion. Everybody understands that he is not expected to tell the truth. He also told that terrorism is Pakistan’s number one enemy. Now […]