Twelve forces tearing away Pakistan

What harm did Islam to common Pakistanis?

Pakistan was borne out of religious reason solely. Most of the Muslim League (ML) leaders from Indian part migrated to Pakistan after the end of British era. But many remained too. M C Chhagla & Moinul Haq Choudhury were two such who even rose to the position of Central Cabinet Minister as Congress members. There […]

Fatima Bhutto: The Iron Lady.

Recently I have read Fatima Bhutto’s book entitled ‘Songs of blood and sword’. The book has been written from the perspective of a daughter who went through a roller coaster childhood in foreign countries and experienced violent deaths of her near and dear ones most notably her father. She projected Murtaza Bhutto (her father) almost […]

Islamic Pakistan: Iqbal and Jinnah

All the famous quotes of Allama Iqbal and M A Jinnah supporting for the creation of Pakistan have been proved to be wrong. Had they been alive now, they would have found that their prophecies and convictions about the future of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan/Bangladesh have been utter disasters. Iqbal was first generation Muslim […]

Islamic Terrorist Organisations in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has its share of different Islamic terrorist groups about 12 in number. All the groups have come into existence in last two decades. The estimated and claimed total number of supporters of all 12 groups is around 32 lakhs. Current AL led govt. and earlier BNP led govt. tried to contain some of those […]