Islamic Pakistan: Iqbal and Jinnah

All the famous quotes of Allama Iqbal and M A Jinnah supporting for the creation of Pakistan have been proved to be wrong. Had they been alive now, they would have found that their prophecies and convictions about the future of Islam and Muslims in Pakistan/Bangladesh have been utter disasters. Iqbal was first generation Muslim from Kashmiri Hindu Brahmin and Jinnah was second generation Muslim from Gujarati Hindu Baniya. Being Muslims through recent conversion (of father/grand father) they were more eager, like many such people, to become the staunch protagonists of Islamic state. Though Jinnah was Muslim by religion, his life style and practices were un-Islamic. But in contrast, Iqbal was a devout Muslim. Barring the political acumen of Jinnah and poetic genius of Iqbal, their political philosophy was immature. Both the personalities could not foresee the futility of Islam as a basis for separate nationhood and were in utopian mind set. Bangladesh came out of Pakistan within two and a half decades of independence from the British. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh later became Islamic countries very much against the original concept of Jinnah. Pakistan is a failed state and Bangladesh is a bottom less basket now. Islam has not done anything good to these two countries.  In this sub-continent, religion based issues have subpressed humanity and developments. If we cannot escape from religion, prosperity will never come.

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