A great achievement of Mithila

On 5th December, 2016 it was really a sunny day though it should be cold as its winter. The students of BRAC University were feeling warmer than the weather. This was the convocation day!!! On that day everyone was wearing blue gown as BRAC University has its own blue gown for the students. Mithila was […]

Happy Birthday MR. BEAN

There are very few people who does not know Mr. Bean. He is such mesmerized actor that he is known as Mr. Bean rather Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. He was born in 1955 on 6th January. Now he is 61 years old. He is a multi-talented person. He is a comedian, screen writer, an actor but […]

Bangladeshi Actress Diti and Cancer

Parvin Sultana Diti is fighting cancer in Chennai at Madras Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (MIOT). At first she had been told that she had a tumor in her brain after got it surgery it did not cured properly. Since then she has been suffering from cancer. Last year September 2015 she has been taken […]

DILWALE Super Hit Bollywood Movie – Review

December 18th, 2015 Dilwale a Bollywood movie has been released. This movie has been directed by Rohit Shetthy. In leading roles were played by Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan and so many other actors and actress. There are six songs are played in this movie. About 2 hour and 38 minutes long […]

We have lost a great actor – Humayun Faridi

Bangladeshi tv actor Faridi

Yesterday on February 13, 2012, the famous Bangladeshi actor Humayun Faridi died in his daughter house. He was 60 years old and ill since few months. Humayun Faridi was a legend actor in Bangladesh. We have lost one of our great artists.

Faridi was born in May 29, 1952 in Dhaka. He had completed his […]

Best wishes for Prova and Santo to their new married life

Sadiya Jahan Prova married Mahmud Santo

Congratulations Prova and Santo to your new life. Be happy and live long. Prova, you are a nice girl and Santo, you are also a nice person. You are brave. Prova, you have taken a good decision by marring. You showed us there is nothing to lose in life and it should be. Go ahead. […]