Unbelievable Pakistan

The Newly appointed Pakistani High Commissioner to India Mr Salman Bashir termed the involvement of any Pakistani state agency (ISI) in Mumbai attack of 26/11 as unbelievable. He is entitled to his opinion. Everybody understands that he is not expected to tell the truth. He also told that terrorism is Pakistan’s number one enemy. Now this is a statement which reflects helplessness of Pakistan. Zia ul Haq started the process of production of Jihadis who have latter become Frankensteins.

Before extradition of Abu Jundal from Saudi Arabia to India, Pakistan claimed to Saudi Govt. that Abu (with another name) was a Pakistani citizen. But being satisfied that Abu, one of the offenders of Mumbai attack of 26/11, was Indian citizen, Saudi Govt. extradited him to India.

On interrogation, Abu Jundal started spilling the beans and gave vivid description of Karachi based control room from where he and other LeT leaders were directing all the terrorists at Mumbai. Immediately the Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik foolishly tried to wash Pakistan’s hand in Mumbai attack by telling that since Abu was an Indian citizen it was Indian intelligence departments’ failure which could not arrest him in time. However, he was silent about the Karachi based control room which has since been demolished.

A few days back a bill placed before the Pakistani Senate by the ruling PPP for making ISI accountable to parliament and Prime Minister was hurriedly withdrawn on some vague reason.

Now one can understand if involvement of any Pakistani state agency (ISI) in Mumbai attack of 26/11 is believable or unbelievable.

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