Jihadis cheat terror sponsors.

So Jihad has been a money laundering activity. All Jihadis are not 100 per cent faithful to this Qur’anic directive. The unlimited sponsorship for Jihadi activities has attracted some Muslims to take up Jihad to cheat their sponsors. Jihad has lured them for the quick bucks. The latest example is Qateel Siddiqui (an accused in 2011 Delhi Jama Masjid firing) who was murdered in Pune jail on 8th June this year. He received Rupees one lakh to recruit new members for Indian Mujahideen (IM), but spent the money on two girls. He told that his interest was in money and not the ideology of IM. The IM chief Yaseen Bhatkal also siphoned money from IM fund to invest in real estate development.

Jihad is basically a power game. It has nothing to do with any ideal aspiration. Islam is only a means for Jihad. Every Jihadi needs his pound of flesh out of Jihad. The picture is definitely same in Bangladesh.

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