Al-Qaeda agenda:

As per news paper report, on the 9/11 anniversary this year (2012), a prominent Al-Qaeda leader vowed to liberate “occupied Muslim lands”, including India. His reasoning is not understood as Muslim lands of British ruled India were liberated by Mr Jinnah in 1947.

However if his argument is based on the fact that vast proportion of present day India was under Muslim rule for about four hundred years, then applying this analogy he should have to handover one fourth of his future liberated India to British also as they had ruled the whole sub-continent for at least one hundred year.

With same analogy will he allow the Hindus to liberate Bangladesh? Should Afghanistan be liberated by the Buddhists? He is trying to go against the time which is impossible to achieve. If past is so dear to him, then Egypt should be liberated first from Arab Muslim countries and handed over to Romans. The original culture and language of Egypt are in museum now. Is it not disturbing to say that Iraq and Iran are also Arab countries, when both the countries had their own vibrant civilizations much before the advent of Islam?

The said Al-Qaeda leader’s concept of ‘Islam has sole authority to liberate lands ruled by Muslims in the past and others cannot’ is fundamentally nauseating. Such statement may enhance the supply of ‘Jihadis’ to conduct more terrorist activities and protect him in the safe hide outs. This leader does not seem to be willing to go to paradise at an early date by showing exemplary ‘Fidayeen’ act himself.

Let us look from another angle. Why US have to tell, show and do that they are always right and others (outside the coterie) are always wrong? Why can’t they leave middle-east and Afghanistan and allow the people to live as they want? Is this not another form of fundamentalism? US have been meddling with Pakistan in the guise of financial aids since six decades? They have arms and technology to subjugate other countries as Islam has Jihad to make the whole world Islamic. Basically there is no different between these two.

Accepting the facts that US have been behaving like rogues, such unifocal Al-Qaeda leaders are using religion and simply playing in the hands of US.

Why can’t we say DOWN WITH ALL RELIGIONS along with DOWN WITH US also?

2 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda agenda:”

  1. we ms*lms are fanatics without courage. we are very scared community.. we believe in stabing from back.we enjoy a dieing animal when halal-ed.
    dont give us this lecture on Us and our rlgion..

    1. Dr J Bhattacharjee

      Your comments are confusing. I don’t lecture. I give my observations. You may like it or not. But you cannot ignore.

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