Bangladeshi boy in FBI trap

So Ahsan Nafis, the boy from Jatrabari (Dhaka) has been detained by FBI, US. He neither did any crime nor hatched any conspiracy to cause any terrorist activity in US. He simply expressed his willingness of doing so to an undercover agent. However his expressed eagerness to kill innocent people is an area of concern. Belal Ahmed of North South University has rated Nafis as a poor student. Nafis’ success in convincing his father to go to US for a degree from that country (as a passport to bright future) is intriguing. Nafis’ father sent him to US by mobilizing all savings. He was a typical optimist father. The love of Nafis for late ‘O’ and martyrdom in the cause of Allah never came even in the dream of his father. We all share his grief.

But the question is why it did happen as it happened? Post 9/11, US have gradually started showing ‘zero tolerance’ towards Islamic terrorism. They have possibly devised many such strategies to pre-empt terrorist activities. They cannot be blamed much. Nafis was possibly fantasizing all those inhuman and violent actions. But a bad student, as Nafis was, going to US some nine months back and being trapped by FBI as a potential terrorist reflects something very ominous.

One can shout at the top of his voice that Nafis has been framed. This is because we try to avoid harsh reality. Many people may disagree with me. But compulsory Islamic religious education during early childhood can be the main cause for such unfortunate development.

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