Global Jihad

Islamist websites have recently posted statements of a top Al Qaida leader urging the Muslims to abduct Westerners, of course by the help of Allah. He has also asked Muslims to fight for implementation of Shariya laws is Egypt. President Mursi of Egypt has been told to explain his policy about Egyptian Christians (local Egyptians).

Such apparent inciting statement of the Al Qaida leader is in complete consonance with Islam. Non-Muslims and ignorant Muslims may find it difficult to accept that Islam preaches such things. But yes, the said Al Qaida leader has been following the principles of Islam only.

But why can’t the said leader unite all present day Islamic countries and formally attack Western world and non-Islamic countries in a global Jihad? In such situation Muslims will capture the whole world and their martyrs will go to paradise. They can’t lose in such global Jihad as Allah is with them and Islam is the only truth in the world. Allah will also send thousands of angles with sophisticated post-Western war tools and technologies to kill or convert all the infidels once for all.

But the problem exists with the leaders of present day Islamic countries. Though they are devout Muslims, they understand that much water has flown out of Zhamzham since 7th century. International opinions, politics, economics, war machines and social systems are totally different in twenty-first century than early Islamic Caliphate period. As such, they are doubtful if Allah will really help them in a global Jihad now. Otherwise they would not have required any sermon from Al Qaida leader. Thus all Islamic countries cannot be united for any global Jihad at present. The statement of said Al Qaida leaders expresses this desperation only.

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