Few Houseplants for Newbie Gardeners

If you are thinking of buying some houseplants for your home and have no experience growing houseplants, choose the right plants before you buy. The best is beginners should buy three or four plants the first time and then increase slowly. Some plants may die if a beginner does not choose easy caring plants. In my case, I purchased five plants, and three died within one month. Below are four less caring plants.

Money Plant

Pothos/Money Plants:

This plant is the most popular houseplant in the world. Pothos looks excellent both in the tabletop and hanging basket. This plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy or Devil’s vine because it is tough to kill. Popular types of pothos are Golden, Neon, Marble Queen, Silver. All are beautiful.

It is grown both in soil and water. In soil, this plant grows faster. But water is better for propagation.

The best thing is to place your pothos in the low, medium or bright light area of your home. Also, it tolerates some direct sun, but too much direct sunlight causes burn leaves. For faster growth, you can place it in a bright area.

17 to 30 Degree Celcius is the best temperature for plant growth of pothos. If topsoil is dry, add water.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant:

This spider-like plant is very easy to grow. I have this plant in my bedroom, living room and also in the bathroom. The newbie growers can choose this plant. The spiderettes of spider plants look beautiful both in a hanging basket and on a tabletop.

Choose well-drained soil for this plant. When topsoil is dry, add water.

This plant loves bright light. Morning sun will boost growth.  But avoid the whole day direct sun.

They don’t like temperatures below 10 Degree Celcius. Spider plant spiderettes are babies of the plant, and you can make new plants easily from these spiderettes.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo:

Newbie gardeners can choose this plant because it tolerates low, medium and bright light. Also, it can grow both in water and soil. Growing Lucky Bamboo in water is very popular than soil.

Propagation is so easy, like the Money Plant, and it is possible to make many plants from one plant. You can also make your design and decorate with this plant. The ideal temperature is 18 to 35 degrees Celcius.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily:

This plant produces beautiful white flowers. It is not a flower; actually, it is a special kind of leaf.

Peace Lily does not like direct sunlight, and low to medium light is ideal for this plant. But low light does not produce more flowers.

Temperature between 18 to 26 degrees Celcius is suitable for this plant.

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