Dhaka International Trade Fair, 2017

2016 is about to end. As soon as the new year starts Dhaka starts with its international trade fair at Sher-e-Banglanogor just west side of Bangobondhu International Conference Centre. This is relatively the center of Dhaka city therefore people from all over the Dhaka city comes here with great interest. The trade fair duration is from 1st January to 31st January. Throughout the month people at different ages in different time visits the fair. This time it will the 22nd time the trade fair will be organized.

Like previous years, this time there will be various stalls from various countries. Not all the foreign stalls are getting attracted by the visitors rather few of them are in their list like Indian stalls, Pakistani stalls, Turkey stalls, Thai stalls and so on. From my last time experience Bangladeshi stalls are highly prioritized and from them furniture stalls, home maker item stalls, cosmetics stalls, ornaments stalls and many more.

Above stalls have highly visited every year so far, still there are some stalls have been extremely criticized over years and those are food stalls. There are so many food stalls as most of the visitors go there with their family moreover it’s a place where you need to walk much so you can be thirsty or even hungry. Keep that in your mind that don’t even dare to go to any food stalls because may be for that reason you need to spend a lot of money besides the quality of that food will be unsatisfactory. Don’t get dishearten as there are lots of stalls where you can buy drinks, snacks, foods except the food stalls. One more thing I hate about trade fair that is the traffic in the roads gets increased because of the trade fair so I am in favor to move it to some other place where the main place of the Dhaka city will remain calm and quiet.

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