Bookstalls in Mirpur 10 circle

In dictionary meaning book describes a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. The truth is book is something more than that. To me it’s kind of drug to this you can be addicted or you will get relief from any type of pain. Therefore book is a medicine for any mental or emotional sufferers. In Dhaka city there is a big book market in Nilkhet, opposite to new market. All kinds of books are available there including children story books, children academic books, school, college, university, job related books, novels, digest, newspapers or even Islamic books and what not. Similarly Nilkhet book market there is another book market growing big day by day which is in Mirpur 10 circle. Exactly from when this has been growing that I am not sure.

The other day I was just passing by those shops and I wanted to know that what type of books are there. Trust me I have found a huge collection over there and also at a very cheap rate. I wonder how they manage to keep all those collections as they don’t have any storage room. In every season they are proudly doing their business. Lower class or middle class people are the main customers of those bookstalls as most of the upper class people don’t feel like to buy old or second hand books. I also like the brand new books and the smell of a new book however, I don’t mind buying second hand books at all. Books are books…. only if I can keep reading from the books that’s okay. Unfortunately new generation kids don’t like to read much. I have seen a lot of kids hate their books. It’s a pressure to read for them. I don’t want to blame them rather I want to blame the parents of those kids and the education system as they lose the interest from books.

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