Today’s Generation in Bangladesh

I was returning from the office today and surprisingly follow that my co-passenger signed up Facebook account and continuously click the ‘like’ button. She didn’t know even what is the picture is about. Now a day it is very ordinary thing to give likes and for that you will also get some likes on your activities. There are lots of apps are invented to get some fake likes. It is very much popular to the teenagers also the youngsters. Though I don’t have much idea about those apps still I got to know my little cousin sister. Actually I think I am very much ancient type. Sometimes I think that I am not coping with this generation whereas most of my friends and colleagues are very much modern. I rather prefer old songs fashion and all of that. I always share it with my husband that the old movies has a good plot they could actually made us cry and laugh. We are very much fond of movies. I must confess that my husband is just like me and for that I thank my God. Moreover I have many friends who are like me not very much adaptable with this generation.

Actually I am not against all of these stuffs. But the thing is whatever we are doing we must know that properly then we can follow that. For example now a days, in Bangladesh we celebrate Halloween, tomato throwing celebration and many more. In our country Bangladesh we have lots of our culture to celebrate and it’s not that we don’t celebrate them. We do celebrate them with a huge curriculum and all that. However, we should not do something without knowing the proper meaning of it. Even when we are celebrating our own cultures we should know that before celebrating that. We can spent a lot of time spending buying new cloths for the celebration then why don’t we take few times from them and gather some knowledge on that particular culture then we could enjoy the program with more rejoice.

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