Earthquake attack in Bangladesh and its Precaution

I woke up with a heavy shakiness on 4th January at 5:07am. I asked myself am I feeling dizziness or I am dreaming. When I felt that this shaking is nothing else but earthquake then my sleepy mood is completely gone and rush to awake my husband. We went to outside our building however I think there is no point going outside of a building if it is a gathering area as like as ours. In Dhaka city most of the buildings are built in such a way that if we go to outside then there is huge chance to be killed by the building collapse.

On 4th January the earthquake the epicenter of the quake was 29 kilometers (18 miles) west of the city of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, magnitude scale of 6.7 according to the U.S.G.S. In that incident seven people were died and at least eighty five were injured. Besides three person died on that incident in Bangladesh. Around fifty eight people were injured during the incident.

Moreover after the earthquake happened I have seen a lot articles shared by many person that 8.2 magnitude earthquake is coming soon and most probably it will hit the Himalayan region. After the Manipur region attack led to conditions which might trigger multiple earthquakes which may go up to 8.0 in magnitude.

There has been a lot research done to predict earthquake but unfortunately there is no such technology has been built to show the date or time of earthquake happening. However, seismologists or geologists can predict that in which area it is probable and can presume the magnitude scale by observing fault lines.

Therefore it is not necessary that every time you have to be in fear of earthquake. On the contrary you must make yourself prepare for any kind of disaster. Make one thing clear that do not get nervous and try your best to save yourself and your family. Try to be calm and do not do anything in rush. There are some tips that can help you to protect yourself from earthquake. These are some primary precaution can be taken.


  • Try to understand first weather it is a slight earthquake or bit harder, then go outside.
  • Whenever it happens try not to delay to go to have your shelter.
  • Cover yourself under a hard furniture in your hone like wooden table or bed.
  • You can also stand any corner of your house because it has pillars that is far stronger than any other place.
  • Switch off your main electric switch and gas burner.
  • Do not take lifts.
  • Stair is quite safe as it used much more rod and cement so it hard.
  • If possible try to have a torch light along with you.
  • Take your mobile with you.
  • If it is happening at night try to awake everyone in your building.
  • If anything wrong happen then immediately call fire brigade.
  • If you are outside home then make sure that you are in open place.

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  1. If it really happens at night and if i try to awake everyone in my entire building then with everybody’s life my life will be in danger i guess. i think we must have alarm in every floor or in every room if possible specially in high rise building because earthquake happens so quickly that we can’t move that quickly.. by the way thanks so much for this very very very helping post.

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