Seasonal Changes – Summer to Rainy Day

Rainy season - rainfallIt is summer season having lots of storm with rain and rainy season is coming with heavy rainfall. The weather changes so frequently that can affect people. It says that when season changes that causes many types of infectious diseases like fever, diarrhea, tonsil, influenza and so on. Now it is May month, having rainfall along with high temperature and also the temperature gets ups and down. So we need to be more cautious to be healthier. Some of the following steps will help you more or less:

  • Keep an umbrella with you all the time which will protect you from the heavy sun heat at the same time from heavy rainfall.
  • Keeps tissue paper and handkerchief or a small towel. With the help of these you can easily wipe off rain water or even sweats.
  • Try to wear a covered shoe or sandal and avoid slippers as the roads may contain dirt.
  • Lastly but most importantly try to have healthy food every day. And as these days lots of seasonal fruits are available so keeps eating them and stay healthy and happy.

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