Special kids are not burden for us

I am a teacher of an English medium school and that too an international school. Because of my teaching profession I got to know these day’s kids much more closely and I found it out that the children are very smart. When I first joined there students tried to trick with me but gradually they accept me. We the teachers discuss in our meeting that the students are so much smart that even a post graduate teacher sometimes lost their words before the question of a grade 1 child. Sometimes I think of keeping records besides academic record.

Even I have a student in my class who is not normal like the most of the children he is also smart. Unfortunately his parents don’t think that way. His parents think that as they are spending a lot of money so he will learn many things. However I think he already has learned a lot of things. The kid is only 12 years old and already learned how to produce a language both in Bangla and English. One thing is he doesn’t want to study at all. We have to give him pressure to carry on with his studies. The school timing is from 8 am to 2:45 pm. However, this special kid as his parents is over serious (!) they keep him after the school till 5 pm. for a coaching. Sometimes I really feel pity for him. After staying such a long I would even lost my interest in study. Moreover, his parents still not happy with his progress. The school always keeps telling his parents that just let him do whatever he likes but the parents are like they have money and they are ready to spend a lot of money but he has to learn everything.

The purpose of my writing today is aware of the parents who have special kids. Please do not forget that your child has been known as special and do not take it otherwise. Just let your child to do whatever they like to do. If we force any kid then definitely he or she will lost their mind on that. If we do not force them then this kids will do something special that we would not even thought about that.

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