My friend Azizur Rehman:

In my high school days some forty years back, I had a class mate named Azizur Rehman. To me, in those days, he belonged to a different religion and I was not supposed to eat anything from him. There were a few more Muslim students in our class also. I simply found them very different […]

May Day – is really for the workers?

May Day is a day celebrating each year for the workers who stand against the usual routine of working. They fought for the establishment of eight hour working day. They basically wanted to get the rights from the society. In 1886 the revolution first starts and it goes on till 1904. Many had lost their […]

SUICIDE – Act of Deliberately Killing Oneself

suicide - problem of the world

To kill oneself by own is not easy for a normal person. When someone commits suicide then something must be terrible happened with him or her. Most of the time depression leads a person to attempt suicide. Moreover, loneliness, marital problems are also main reasons to commit suicide.

There are certain ways to commit suicide. […]