Once upon a time there was a season named winter

I still can recall those sweet memories of my childhood when I used to go to village in the December month. After the final term exam we had no tension and enjoyed the time fully. In the early morning we woke up from the bed and directly went to the kitchen to get warmth from the stove. Our grandma used to make many types of pithas for us. Till 11 or may be more than that we couldn’t see sunlight. Interestingly I used to wear 3 or 4 winter clothes together. We used to see the fog and morning and evening dew. Sometimes we drank the juice of date in the morning as our morning delight. We played badminton, kabaddi and what not. During the time of leaving every single time our grandma used to cry like hell. Even we were not happy to leave the village. Therefore this is the scenario of our childhood in village during the winter season.

At the time when we came back to the city life we felt little bit warm as village is windier. Still there was winter and we could enjoy the winter in the city life also. In those days our mother used to make many pithas in the morning. We had to close the windows all day long so that no wind can come and freeze us. However, this year December month came and already gone but there is no winter at all. I hardly wear winter clothes. Surprisingly I have seen any people using ac or fan in this winter. It is a shameful winter having no cold at all. Many environmentalists says that this is happening due to global warming. If this goes on like this then some of the years later there will be no winter season. We will tell our children like fairytale that once upon a time there was a season named winter.

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