A general overview on IELTS

International English Language Testing System is the full form of IELTS. This system is the words one of the most English testing system including reading, listening, writing and speaking skill all together. There are 9 bands starting from 0. However, 0 is considered as who did not attempt for the test. And from 1 to 4 band those who actually did not use that much words or in in other words who are actually limited user. Above 5 is considered that English is understandable to the person trough speaking, writing, reading and also listening. The examination takes 2 hours and 45 minutes altogether to accomplish including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

There are two types of IELTS modules are available – 1. General training module 2. Academic module. At first applicant must fix his or her goal that in which way he or she wants to go to abroad. If anyone wants to go to foreign for academic purpose then he or she needs to sit for the academic module. However, who is applying for immigration purpose or any other purpose except academic then he or she needs to sit for general training module. Basically both of the tests are quiet similar only the writing and reading part is little bit different than speaking and listening part. Once an applicant sit for the IELTS the validity of the test stays for two years. After two years applicant must sit for test again to apply.

All in all there is no pass or fail in this test. Certain ranking will categorize the applicant how well they are in English language. There will be two days of exam or may be in one day. Speaking test sometimes takes before 7 days of the other tests or 7 days after the other tests are done. Usually the results get publish within two weeks of the date of the exam date. Applicant can sit for the test whenever they want and there is no limit so, applicant can sit for the test how many times he or she wishes for it. From 2017 January the registration fees for both general training module and academic module is 15800 bdt.

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