Dr J Bhattacharjee

A medical doctor by profession. 45 years old. Located somewhere away from religious world.

Global Jihad

Islamist websites have recently posted statements of a top Al Qaida leader urging the Muslims to abduct Westerners, of course by the help of Allah. He has also asked Muslims to fight for implementation of Shariya laws is Egypt. President Mursi of Egypt has been told to explain his policy about Egyptian Christians (local Egyptians). …

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Al-Qaeda agenda:

As per news paper report, on the 9/11 anniversary this year (2012), a prominent Al-Qaeda leader vowed to liberate “occupied Muslim lands”, including India. His reasoning is not understood as Muslim lands of British ruled India were liberated by Mr Jinnah in 1947. However if his argument is based on the fact that vast proportion …

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Understanding Islam:

No doubt when some body writes anything against Islam, the Islamists ask two standard and self defeating questions: 1. Does the writer has scholarly knowledge of Arabic language? 2. Does the writer has scholarly knowledge of other religions? The reasons given for such questions are that without in-depth knowledge of Arabic language one cannot understand …

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No way out for Islam:

The primary source of information about Islam is Qur’an followed by Hadiths & Sunnah. Further whatever we know about Islam today (not from the Western sources) is a mixture of writings and records of mainly three groups of Muslims, viz: Caliphs, Islamic historians and Islamic scholars. The core formation of Islam ended with the death …

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The God module:

Civilisations grew up gradually in different parts of the world from pre-historic age. Mans are the bricks of the society. They tamed their animal behaviours when they felt that life in organised and collective manner was beneficial for survival and growth of all. This was the reason for the coming of civilisations. With the intellectual …

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