The God module:

Civilisations grew up gradually in different parts of the world from pre-historic age. Mans are the bricks of the society. They tamed their animal behaviours when they felt that life in organised and collective manner was beneficial for survival and growth of all. This was the reason for the coming of civilisations.

With the intellectual growth of men, they could identify many social and natural problems and issues which were beyond their comprehension. They were confused in such situations and were unable to address those. They felt the need for the presence of something superhuman to reason out those confusions. Thus the concept of God (in general term) entered into human minds differently in different parts of the world. However, the essence remained the same. People started believing that there existed some superhuman authority or authorities who created mans, kept an eye on them and rewarded or punished them as per their good or bad deeds. Side by side the concept of heaven (paradise) and hell also came solely as psychological incentive and deterrent to maintain social order. Such belief system helped in the development, shaping and consolidation of social norms and behaviours to a great extent. Then people became instrumental in gradual creation of temporal and spiritual leaders of human societies.

Thus God(s) entered on the stage. With God(s) came the society-appointed and self-appointed custodians of God(s). They invented superstitions and rituals for the followers. Some helped to maintain social harmony and prosperity but gradually the God concept got impregnated the human brains permanently as God module. Many messengers of God started to come (even post dated). Many founders of new religions also came. Different religions came into being and in natural process many vested interests also grew around the God concept.

To some the religion became “one for all and all for one”; to others it meant a means for self control and tranquillity, to some others it became ritualistic dogma. Religions were also used to persecute opponents, befool people and propagate self boasting righteousness of so-called custodians of God(s). In the process human intellectuality became his utmost weakness.

So long the belief in God and religion is used for introspection and social harmony in dispassionate manner and so long other religions and their followers are honoured with equal intensity as one’s own, religions can be tolerated in an abstract way. Otherwise God(s) and religions are bullshit.

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