Dr J Bhattacharjee

A medical doctor by profession. 45 years old. Located somewhere away from religious world.

Religion and Politics

Historically formal religion is older than formal politics. Religions preach the followers to lead life in proper way as close knit community. They inculcate the idea of heaven and hell to control the followers from doing contrary to the teachings of religion. All religions are more or less ‘faith based’ and by and large hereditary. …

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Islam: The people should know about

I am not any Hindu fundamentalist. In actual, I don’t find any interest in religion because of numerous reasons.  I do not hate any religion. I simply find it hollow. Islam is a case in point for Bangladesh where about 90 per cent of population is Muslims. -Dr J Bhattacharjee ——————————————————- 1.  To the youths of Bangladesh: There …

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