Earthquake attack in Bangladesh and its Precaution

I woke up with a heavy shakiness on 4th January at 5:07am. I asked myself am I feeling dizziness or I am dreaming. When I felt that this shaking is nothing else but earthquake then my sleepy mood is completely gone and rush to awake my husband. We went to outside our building however I think there is no point going outside of a building if it is a gathering area as like as ours. In Dhaka city most of the buildings are built in such a way that if we go to outside then there is huge chance to be killed by the building collapse.

On 4th January the earthquake the epicenter of the quake was 29 kilometers (18 miles) west of the city of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, magnitude scale of 6.7 according to the U.S.G.S. In that incident seven people were died and at least eighty five were injured. Besides three person died on that incident in Bangladesh. Around fifty eight people were injured during the incident.

Moreover after the earthquake happened I have seen a lot articles shared by many person that 8.2 magnitude earthquake is coming soon and most probably it will hit the Himalayan region. After the Manipur region attack led to conditions which might trigger multiple earthquakes which may go up to 8.0 in magnitude.

There has been a lot research done to predict earthquake but unfortunately there is no such technology has been built to show the date or time of earthquake happening. However, seismologists or geologists can predict that in which area it is probable and can presume the magnitude scale by observing fault lines.

Therefore it is not necessary that every time you have to be in fear of earthquake. On the contrary you must make yourself prepare for any kind of disaster. Make one thing clear that do not get nervous and try your best to save yourself and your family. Try to be calm and do not do anything in rush. There are some tips that can help you to protect yourself from earthquake. These are some primary precaution can be taken.


  • Try to understand first weather it is a slight earthquake or bit harder, then go outside.
  • Whenever it happens try not to delay to go to have your shelter.
  • Cover yourself under a hard furniture in your hone like wooden table or bed.
  • You can also stand any corner of your house because it has pillars that is far stronger than any other place.
  • Switch off your main electric switch and gas burner.
  • Do not take lifts.
  • Stair is quite safe as it used much more rod and cement so it hard.
  • If possible try to have a torch light along with you.
  • Take your mobile with you.
  • If it is happening at night try to awake everyone in your building.
  • If anything wrong happen then immediately call fire brigade.
  • If you are outside home then make sure that you are in open place.

Happy Birthday MR. BEAN

There are very few people who does not know Mr. Bean. He is such mesmerized actor that he is known as Mr. Bean rather Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. He was born in 1955 on 6th January. Now he is 61 years old. He is a multi-talented person. He is a comedian, screen writer, an actor but mostly known for his physical comedy. Atkinson was married to a British Indian named Sunetra Sastry for nearly 25 years. They divorced in 10th November 2015. He has a girl and a boy. mr bean
From my childhood to till now whenever I watches his comedy it gives me pleasure. Not only me my parents also likes his comedy similarly. To make other happy is a divine gift I think and not everyone can do that. Today is his birth date and on this day I wish him a very happy birthday and joyful life ahead.

Bangladeshi Actress Diti and Cancer

ditiParvin Sultana Diti is fighting cancer in Chennai at Madras Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (MIOT). At first she had been told that she had a tumor in her brain after got it surgery it did not cured properly. Since then she has been suffering from cancer. Last year September 2015 she has been taken to Chennai for the first time for treatment purpose but again she felt sickness and admitted to square hospital in Dhaka. As she was not feeling better again she has been transferred to Chennai for the second time.

For a long period of time she had been doing her treatment in that hospital. Unfortunately her cancer treatment reacted badly to her brain therefore she is in a bad condition right now. Her only daughter Lamia posted a status on 4th January in her Facebook account that her mother is dying and there is no hope for her life. Moreover she stated that the reaction of radiation is the main reason for her state. For the radiation she got perkinson disease which is in second stage. As a result of her disease she is suffering an unbearable pain also cannot talk to anyone. As a daughter to see a mother in such condition is so painful. Whoever has gone through these situation she or he can only feel it no one else. Cancer is such devastating sickness. It gives so much pain not only for the patient but also the whole family have to face it. I have seen a lot of cancer patients dying in an intolerable pain in a very slow motion. Patients and the family members are praying for their death to see them in such condition. Moreover the treatment itself gives so much pain to the patients which is really intolerable for the patients.

On the other hand there need a huge amount of money for this treatment which everyone may not afford. I have an aunt who is my mother’s one of cousin. Her husband had lever cancer and their financial condition is not that much well. They are typical lower middle class family on top of that he was the only earning member of that family. The family invested all of their savings for his treatment purpose but could not save him. When all the money has been finished he also gave up his life. My aunt was in grave danger after losing his husband. One side she had lost her husband at a young age having two little children moreover, she had no financial backup for them for living.

Cancer is a very common disease in whole world. If it is in a primary stage then there is a chance for survival but if it is in third stage or more then there is a little chance for living except miracles. Our famous writer of our country Humayun Ahmed also died from cancer. He also had the best treatment but could not resist it. Like other cancer patients he also died struggling with cancer.

Besides all the heartbreaking examples there is still many optimistic view on cancer patients. Sabina Yasmin one of our prominent singer in our country she had successfully struggled with cancer. She got her examination done from Singapore and her cancer was in fourth stage but luckily she is now healthy and cured from cancer completely. Likewise we pray Parvin Sultana Diti’s healthy life and hope that she will be cured from cancer.

Immigration to CANADA via Express Entry from Bangladesh

In 2015 the most popular word was express entry for the immigrants. This is one of the easiest way to get immigration in Canada from Bangladesh. If you are planning to get immigration to Canada then this article will help you to get some important information. For three types of people can easily move on to Canada. If you are rich then you don’t have to worry because business investment or showing a large sum of money you can get a good chance to get immigration to Canada or any other developed country. Then the skilled people who wants to get immigration to Canada can get a chance to move on. And the last but obviously not the least it is applicable for artists. Moreover for artists they may not need any degree or language proficiency in some cases. So, they are exceptions.

Among these categories express entry was the most popular category in 2015 in worldwide along with Bangladesh. By getting express entry they get permanent residence along with their family. They also get a job before entering Canada. Therefore it is indeed a special offer for the immigrants. Now it is important to know what exactly the Express entry is.

  • Created by citizenship and Immigration in January 2015.
  • New electronic application management system.
  • Used to manage existing economic immigration programme.
  • Helps identify candidates who will succeed in Canada.

Trough Express entry one can get some of the facilities like:

  1. Permanent resident
  2. Federal skilled worker programme
  3. Canadian experience class
  4. Part of the provincial Nominee programme

You can apply through only by completing an online registration including these following requirements:

  1. Skills
  2. Work experience
  3. Language ability
  4. education

If you don’t have a job offer or provincial nomination then you must register with Canada’s Job Bank who will help you to find a job that will fit with your knowledge and expertise. This process will take six months at least for completing all the procedure. Even a single mistake can cause for you disqualified. But don’t be dishearten luckily you can trust – named website. They will ensure that your application is completed correctly, optimized and submitted on time. Just do accordingly with your preferred category and submit your application. After getting their feedback who knows you may selected as an immigrant of Canada. Have good luck with that.

Earthquake All Around Bangladesh

At 5:07am 4th January Bangladesh had an eathquake. Along with Dhaka city many cities around  had this earthquake. USGS of USA provides that the Richter magnitude scale is 6.8 which is introduced in Monipur, India from sea level 35 KM inner side.

With this moderate earthquake all the people of Bangladesh wake up altogether. It is a almost like a nightmare to the sleepers. After awakens everyone rushesd to go outside of their house and paniced.

Planning for India trip

December month is almost ending. It is the best time for make a plan to go for a trip. Moreover this month you can have Christmas holiday along with who has children their school and colleges has vacation so don’t waste any more time in thinking. I personally love to go for long tip and whenever I get time I just do it without thinking anything. Life is too short and we must explore what we have got around us. Today I am going to share one of experiences of my recent visit.
Two months ago in the month of October I went to India with my husband. It was for 12 day tour and trust me every single day we enjoyed there. By the way it was our first abroad trip. To process visa I was too fed up that I cannot express. Finally we got our visa (yeee) and now we can visit to India. It was Friday when we started our journey by bus- Shohag in the morning. We had to pass the ferry from maikgonj. By the way it was also my first experience. We entered India from the beanpole border. It almost took 1 hour 30 minutes to finish all the formalities in the immigration and also customs but don’t worry the bus assistance always be with you all the time for any kind of instruction if you are visiting India for the first time. When you are done with all the formalities then you are in India.
We have reached to the Kolkata city at night and we have found a hotel to spend the night. In morning we started our day with a cup of tea which is serving in a mud mug. Then you can have your breakfast with any tradition food of India or Bengali food. There are so many Bengali restaurants in Kolkata. We have visited the new market and some other shops. You must know that Kolkata is the best place for shopping. If you are shopaholic then you will definitely enjoy.
India is a huge country. It has so many places to explore. This is a country where you can feel the hot weather of desert of Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujrat, Punjab however if you want to feel the charm of cold then Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Sikkim and so on. Here Himalayas, sea, desert, forest all in altogether in one country. We have planned to explore the south side of India. So we booked an air ticket of Chennai. It is around two and half hours take from Kolkata to Chennai by air whereas it takes almost 27 to 29 hours by train.
Mamallapuram, marina beach, Crocodile Park, golden beach, Rajib Gandhi memorial, Kanchipuram temple, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Pondicherry are the best places to see in the south side of India. In these places I and my husband liked mamallapuram, Rajib Gandhi memorial, Kanyakumari mostly. However, we enjoyed the visit in south India a lot apart from the hot weather.