Special kids are not burden for us

I am a teacher of an English medium school and that too an international school. Because of my teaching profession I got to know these day’s kids much more closely and I found it out that the children are very smart. When I first joined there students tried to trick with me but gradually they accept me. We the teachers discuss in our meeting that the students are so much smart that even a post graduate teacher sometimes lost their words before the question of a grade 1 child. Sometimes I think of keeping records besides academic record.

Even I have a student in my class who is not normal like the most of the children he is also smart. Unfortunately his parents don’t think that way. His parents think that as they are spending a lot of money so he will learn many things. However I think he already has learned a lot of things. The kid is only 12 years old and already learned how to produce a language both in Bangla and English. One thing is he doesn’t want to study at all. We have to give him pressure to carry on with his studies. The school timing is from 8 am to 2:45 pm. However, this special kid as his parents is over serious (!) they keep him after the school till 5 pm. for a coaching. Sometimes I really feel pity for him. After staying such a long I would even lost my interest in study. Moreover, his parents still not happy with his progress. The school always keeps telling his parents that just let him do whatever he likes but the parents are like they have money and they are ready to spend a lot of money but he has to learn everything.

The purpose of my writing today is aware of the parents who have special kids. Please do not forget that your child has been known as special and do not take it otherwise. Just let your child to do whatever they like to do. If we force any kid then definitely he or she will lost their mind on that. If we do not force them then this kids will do something special that we would not even thought about that.

A tour to Boga Lake

Let’s go to Boga Lake!!!lake boga

People love to travel. And if it’s with our friends then it’s much more enjoyable. Especially we love to travel with our friends in adventurous places.  What would be more adventurous than boga lake in Bangladesh?

Now I am going to tell you about Boga Lake which is in Bandarban. If you are planning to go there you need to be physically enough strong. If you don’t like to walk much and don’t have any experience of trekking then think once more before planning to go there. As you know that Bandarban is a hill track area so it would be wise if you are mentally and physically prepare yourself to that way. Don’t be scared by this advice because trust me when you will reach there, the nature of Bandarban or Boga lake will mesmerize you by its charming beauty. Everything will be worthy enough when you will be there.

Today’s Generation in Bangladesh

I was returning from the office today and surprisingly follow that my co-passenger signed up Facebook account and continuously click the ‘like’ button. She didn’t know even what is the picture is about. Now a day it is very ordinary thing to give likes and for that you will also get some likes on your activities. There are lots of apps are invented to get some fake likes. It is very much popular to the teenagers also the youngsters. Though I don’t have much idea about those apps still I got to know my little cousin sister. Actually I think I am very much ancient type. Sometimes I think that I am not coping with this generation whereas most of my friends and colleagues are very much modern. I rather prefer old songs fashion and all of that. I always share it with my husband that the old movies has a good plot they could actually made us cry and laugh. We are very much fond of movies. I must confess that my husband is just like me and for that I thank my God. Moreover I have many friends who are like me not very much adaptable with this generation.

Actually I am not against all of these stuffs. But the thing is whatever we are doing we must know that properly then we can follow that. For example now a days, in Bangladesh we celebrate Halloween, tomato throwing celebration and many more. In our country Bangladesh we have lots of our culture to celebrate and it’s not that we don’t celebrate them. We do celebrate them with a huge curriculum and all that. However, we should not do something without knowing the proper meaning of it. Even when we are celebrating our own cultures we should know that before celebrating that. We can spent a lot of time spending buying new cloths for the celebration then why don’t we take few times from them and gather some knowledge on that particular culture then we could enjoy the program with more rejoice.

Earthquake attack in Bangladesh and its Precaution

I woke up with a heavy shakiness on 4th January at 5:07am. I asked myself am I feeling dizziness or I am dreaming. When I felt that this shaking is nothing else but earthquake then my sleepy mood is completely gone and rush to awake my husband. We went to outside our building however I think there is no point going outside of a building if it is a gathering area as like as ours. In Dhaka city most of the buildings are built in such a way that if we go to outside then there is huge chance to be killed by the building collapse.

On 4th January the earthquake the epicenter of the quake was 29 kilometers (18 miles) west of the city of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, magnitude scale of 6.7 according to the U.S.G.S. In that incident seven people were died and at least eighty five were injured. Besides three person died on that incident in Bangladesh. Around fifty eight people were injured during the incident.

Moreover after the earthquake happened I have seen a lot articles shared by many person that 8.2 magnitude earthquake is coming soon and most probably it will hit the Himalayan region. After the Manipur region attack led to conditions which might trigger multiple earthquakes which may go up to 8.0 in magnitude.

There has been a lot research done to predict earthquake but unfortunately there is no such technology has been built to show the date or time of earthquake happening. However, seismologists or geologists can predict that in which area it is probable and can presume the magnitude scale by observing fault lines.

Therefore it is not necessary that every time you have to be in fear of earthquake. On the contrary you must make yourself prepare for any kind of disaster. Make one thing clear that do not get nervous and try your best to save yourself and your family. Try to be calm and do not do anything in rush. There are some tips that can help you to protect yourself from earthquake. These are some primary precaution can be taken.


  • Try to understand first weather it is a slight earthquake or bit harder, then go outside.
  • Whenever it happens try not to delay to go to have your shelter.
  • Cover yourself under a hard furniture in your hone like wooden table or bed.
  • You can also stand any corner of your house because it has pillars that is far stronger than any other place.
  • Switch off your main electric switch and gas burner.
  • Do not take lifts.
  • Stair is quite safe as it used much more rod and cement so it hard.
  • If possible try to have a torch light along with you.
  • Take your mobile with you.
  • If it is happening at night try to awake everyone in your building.
  • If anything wrong happen then immediately call fire brigade.
  • If you are outside home then make sure that you are in open place.

Happy Birthday MR. BEAN

There are very few people who does not know Mr. Bean. He is such mesmerized actor that he is known as Mr. Bean rather Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. He was born in 1955 on 6th January. Now he is 61 years old. He is a multi-talented person. He is a comedian, screen writer, an actor but mostly known for his physical comedy. Atkinson was married to a British Indian named Sunetra Sastry for nearly 25 years. They divorced in 10th November 2015. He has a girl and a boy. mr bean
From my childhood to till now whenever I watches his comedy it gives me pleasure. Not only me my parents also likes his comedy similarly. To make other happy is a divine gift I think and not everyone can do that. Today is his birth date and on this day I wish him a very happy birthday and joyful life ahead.

Bangladeshi Actress Diti and Cancer

ditiParvin Sultana Diti is fighting cancer in Chennai at Madras Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (MIOT). At first she had been told that she had a tumor in her brain after got it surgery it did not cured properly. Since then she has been suffering from cancer. Last year September 2015 she has been taken to Chennai for the first time for treatment purpose but again she felt sickness and admitted to square hospital in Dhaka. As she was not feeling better again she has been transferred to Chennai for the second time.

For a long period of time she had been doing her treatment in that hospital. Unfortunately her cancer treatment reacted badly to her brain therefore she is in a bad condition right now. Her only daughter Lamia posted a status on 4th January in her Facebook account that her mother is dying and there is no hope for her life. Moreover she stated that the reaction of radiation is the main reason for her state. For the radiation she got perkinson disease which is in second stage. As a result of her disease she is suffering an unbearable pain also cannot talk to anyone. As a daughter to see a mother in such condition is so painful. Whoever has gone through these situation she or he can only feel it no one else. Cancer is such devastating sickness. It gives so much pain not only for the patient but also the whole family have to face it. I have seen a lot of cancer patients dying in an intolerable pain in a very slow motion. Patients and the family members are praying for their death to see them in such condition. Moreover the treatment itself gives so much pain to the patients which is really intolerable for the patients.

On the other hand there need a huge amount of money for this treatment which everyone may not afford. I have an aunt who is my mother’s one of cousin. Her husband had lever cancer and their financial condition is not that much well. They are typical lower middle class family on top of that he was the only earning member of that family. The family invested all of their savings for his treatment purpose but could not save him. When all the money has been finished he also gave up his life. My aunt was in grave danger after losing his husband. One side she had lost her husband at a young age having two little children moreover, she had no financial backup for them for living.

Cancer is a very common disease in whole world. If it is in a primary stage then there is a chance for survival but if it is in third stage or more then there is a little chance for living except miracles. Our famous writer of our country Humayun Ahmed also died from cancer. He also had the best treatment but could not resist it. Like other cancer patients he also died struggling with cancer.

Besides all the heartbreaking examples there is still many optimistic view on cancer patients. Sabina Yasmin one of our prominent singer in our country she had successfully struggled with cancer. She got her examination done from Singapore and her cancer was in fourth stage but luckily she is now healthy and cured from cancer completely. Likewise we pray Parvin Sultana Diti’s healthy life and hope that she will be cured from cancer.