New Born Mandatory Shopping

It’s a great pleasure to shop for the little one for a newly mom. When a child coming to a family the environment changes. Every single person in the family rejoice and wait for that special moment when the baby arrives. However when a baby coming to a family it’s a huge responsibility to all. There is not only happiness but also there is lot more. Especially to be mother and to be father need to take care each and every single thing. The big day when the little one comes to a family everyone wants to stay with the new born. On the other it’s also true that a new born needs many objects and all items may not found in one shop. So it would be better if the items are bought beforehand. Tough before buying any product a newly parent must know which one to buy and what not to buy. I also did a list before delivering my baby. So here am I helping you to know spending money which items are really worthy for a new born.

Dresses: After coming to a new world a new born first need dress to secure him/ her. Not any type of dresses fit him or her. Cotton soft and comfortable dresses should wear a baby.

Receiving towel: When a new born arrives he or she must be received properly with a nice and soft receiving towel. Though some hospital with provide this towel still some parents want to receive their new born with their own towel. Moreover this towel will be helpful till 3 month of baby.

Diaper: After a baby is born it pees or poops and it is very important to buy any quality brand diaper. There are also washable diapers also available however I didn’t find them quite usable.

Wipe tissue: Wipe tissue is for wiping the extract after pooping one baby or before changing the diapers. There are tons of brands in stores but for new born cotton wipes are best.

Washcloth: Washcloth can be useful for various purposes. For instance wiping and sponging is best from washcloth.

Napkin: After feeding a baby sometimes baby needs to dry up with the help of napkin. Even before putting a diaper a napkin will be helpful to dry up.

Bedding: There are many kinds of bedding now a days. When parents are buying bedding one thing must be in their mind and that is comfort.

Pillow: For a sound sleep a soft comfy pillow is mandatory for a new born. I bought pillow for my baby from Mother Care.

Mosquito net: Bangladeshi context mosquito net is mandatory. I bought mosquito net before giving birth to my baby.

Feeder: it is best to feed baby breast milk at least for first 6 months however before having baby keeping a feeder will be helpful in case of any emergency.

Shower items: Shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, cream, baby oil, rash cream are mainly useful for a new born. First one month it’s better not to use much cosmetics on new born in fact now a days doctors suggests not to use cosmetics before second moth.

Bathtub: Everyday bathing is important for everyone even for a new born. However bathing a new born is also very risky. Therefore nice comfortable bathtub is very important. I bought bathtub for my baby from kids and mom.

Other accessories: Socks, cap, bif, pacifier, hair brush, cotton buts, cotton, bright colored toy, petroleum jelly, stroller, baby carrier and so on.




Sab E Barat Celebration In Present Days

Now a day’s people gives so much opinion on sab e barat issue that makes me real sad. I don’t know much about religious views which one is to do or which one is prohibited therefore what I am going to share with you today don’t take it otherwise. All I know that in my childhood I used to celebrate sab e barat occasion quiet delightedly. On the other hand through social network I see a lot debate on celebrating sab e barat now a days.

Lots of sweet dishes such as haluas, rice pudding, Caramel pudding, suji, laddoos, rice powdered chapattis with freshly cooked beef and many more. Not only sab e barat is all about food rather it’s a great enjoyment to the youngsters. In the evening of the big day youngsters blasts different types of tarabati. Some go to mosque for praying however other prays at home till late night. This night considered as a special night as the Muslim people asks forgiveness from god with devotion.

Unfortunately in present days if one is celebrating sab e barat it’s like a crime to many people and they give such a long speech against it. I know many people who used to celebrate this day back 5/7 years back those people has different opinion now. People changes so frequently. Moreover, just before the day social networking sites starts posting different views on celebrating sab e barat. Actually this a religious event in fact there is no harm celebrating it. Furthermore we get the chance to eat delicious foods. Sadly I do miss the day badly.

Masala Tea

I just love tea. I think there are few people out there who doesn’t love tea. On top of that if its masala tea or spiced tea then it will be more enjoyable. Not only it tastes good but also it has magical benefits if anyone is suffering from sore throat or cold. Let’s learn how to make a perfect cup of masala tea.


1 cup of milk

1 cardamom

1 bay leaf

1 cinnamon

Half tea spoon of minced ginger

1 tea spoon of tea leaf

½ spoon of sugar or as per taste


Take all the ingredients altogether in a pan and keep it in a stove. Let it all done on a slow lit. After 5 to 7 minutes later you can check on it that how beautifully it smells and colored then it’s all done. Try it and enjoy it as a morning delight or can be taken in noon. It can be more enjoyable if you drink it with your beloved.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka – My Experience

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is one of the best hospitals in Bangladesh. Interestingly this is one of the most expensive hospital too. Upper class or upper middle class only can afford to have their treatment over there. I am not from any of them rather sometimes I tell my husband that we are actually poor as whatever we earn the expenses are more of it therefore we have no savings. Fortunately my husband gets some amount for his medical purpose from his work place so we can make it.

We Bangladeshi people trust Indian doctors too much and Apollo hospitals Dhaka has plenty of Indian doctors. I think this is one of the strongest point to choose Apollo for treatment. My husband also consults with an Indian doctor. Another reason behind choosing Apollo can be posh lifestyle. Apart from those issues another important factor choosing Apollo is rich collection of diagnosis instruments.

Whatever the reason behind choosing this hospital that doesn’t matter at the end. The main factor is getting proper treatment. I know very few about it as my husband consulting a neuro- medicine doctor named Sandip kumar Das since three years. We did some diagnosis over there and bought medicines. In these issues only I can give my feedback.

At first let’s know about appointment issues. If anyone is consulting an Indian doctor then it’s definitely has to done before 2 or 3 months ahead of your consultation. We always take our appointment before 3 months as he has that much demand in Bangladesh. I think all the Indian doctors have this kind of demand. However it’s better to take your appointment 1 or 2 months beforehand. On the other hand in any kind of emergency cases Apollo directly contact with following doctor in this case no need for the appointment.

After seeing a doctor most of the patients need to do some diagnosis. Not every patients needs that. As far as I know Apollo has a very good quality of diagnosis instruments. However I have a bitter experience on this issue. Once my husband did a blood test and the due time is after the doctor consultation time so we requested the authority to handover the test result but they said it’s not possible in anyway. After hearing that we came out from the delivery corner and a guy came over to us and said let me check if it’s possible in any way or not and gave a vibe to my husband that it may cost some money. Within 5 minutes he came back with the report and my husband gave him 200 taka. My question is already they are charging more to any kind of diagnosis so why they are doing this. On top of that if they could deliver that report then what’s the point of making this drama? Anyways I was glad that I got the report and could able to meet doctor on time.

There is another issue I was really shocked that the day when we went to doctors room there was no follow up room to take his temperature, weight or blood pressure. I think these are the things which are really important to know before judging a patient. However last time when I went to Apollo in March month then I saw that they had implemented these things.

At the end all I can say that all things has some good or bad altogether. As people need to spend a lot amount of money so it’s good to keep things under observation very strictly.

Cold Coffee in Ramadan

In ramadan people like to think about food more than an usual day. Generally I am a foodie person however Ramadan makes me more crazy about food. Advertisements of different types of drinks are mostly creates thirst to people. Therefore today I am going to share one simple recipe with you and that is cold coffee. This is very common, popular and also healthy drink specifically in this ramadan.




Chocolate syrup

Vanilla ice cream

Coffee powder

Ice cube

Cocoa powder (optional)


At first take one spoon coffee powder and mix it with some water. Keep the coffee mix aside for a while. After that take one glass of milk in your blender jar add that coffee mix, two tea spoon of sugar, 3/4 ice cube, 2 table spoon vanilla ice cream and mix it all together. Meanwhile take a glass decorate the glass with chocolate syrup and pour the mixture into that glass. Now you can add little bit cocoa powder over the cold coffee which is totally optional or can drink it just as it is.

This is summer season on top of that it’s ramadan so it’s very important to stay yourself hydrated alongside energetic. This drink will be useful for you and your family


Chikongunia and us

Chikongunia is like a terror to Dhaka living people. This viral fever grabs my attention when I heard many of my relatives and friends are affected by this fever. I researched a little bit on this issue to learn more about it and the main reason behind it to stay myself safe.

It was first time detected in Tanzania in the year of 1953 from alpha virus. The virus spreads through mosquito bite. Few years back Bangladeshi people were introduced another fever that is Dengue which is also spreads through mosquito bite. Both Dengue and Chikongunia virus carries Adese mosquito. Though not only Ades mosquito carries the virus but also one can affected by the bite of any kind of mosquito. Generally Ades mosquito bites day time, however it can bite on the night time. Therefore it’s better to be careful both day or night time especially in the bed time.

As chikungunia is like a viral fever so the symptoms are quite same like high fever, headache, vomiting, rashes, severe pain in joint and it also can vary from man to man as not every person immune system are same. This fever can last several days to several weeks. Most interesting fact is one can have this once in his lifetime. Normal paracetamol type medicine is the only treatment for chikungunia. Other than that lots of fluids intake can be helpful to decrease the pain.