Cold Coffee in Ramadan

In ramadan people like to think about food more than an usual day. Generally I am a foodie person however Ramadan makes me more crazy about food. Advertisements of different types of drinks are mostly creates thirst to people. Therefore today I am going to share one simple recipe with you and that is cold coffee. This is very common, popular and also healthy drink specifically in this ramadan.




Chocolate syrup

Vanilla ice cream

Coffee powder

Ice cube

Cocoa powder (optional)


At first take one spoon coffee powder and mix it with some water. Keep the coffee mix aside for a while. After that take one glass of milk in your blender jar add that coffee mix, two tea spoon of sugar, 3/4 ice cube, 2 table spoon vanilla ice cream and mix it all together. Meanwhile take a glass decorate the glass with chocolate syrup and pour the mixture into that glass. Now you can add little bit cocoa powder over the cold coffee which is totally optional or can drink it just as it is.

This is summer season on top of that it’s ramadan so it’s very important to stay yourself hydrated alongside energetic. This drink will be useful for you and your family


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