Apollo Hospitals Dhaka – My Experience

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is one of the best hospitals in Bangladesh. Interestingly this is one of the most expensive hospital too. Upper class or upper middle class only can afford to have their treatment over there. I am not from any of them rather sometimes I tell my husband that we are actually poor as whatever we earn the expenses are more of it therefore we have no savings. Fortunately my husband gets some amount for his medical purpose from his work place so we can make it.

We Bangladeshi people trust Indian doctors too much and Apollo hospitals Dhaka has plenty of Indian doctors. I think this is one of the strongest point to choose Apollo for treatment. My husband also consults with an Indian doctor. Another reason behind choosing Apollo can be posh lifestyle. Apart from those issues another important factor choosing Apollo is rich collection of diagnosis instruments.

Whatever the reason behind choosing this hospital that doesn’t matter at the end. The main factor is getting proper treatment. I know very few about it as my husband consulting a neuro- medicine doctor named Sandip kumar Das since three years. We did some diagnosis over there and bought medicines. In these issues only I can give my feedback.

At first let’s know about appointment issues. If anyone is consulting an Indian doctor then it’s definitely has to done before 2 or 3 months ahead of your consultation. We always take our appointment before 3 months as he has that much demand in Bangladesh. I think all the Indian doctors have this kind of demand. However it’s better to take your appointment 1 or 2 months beforehand. On the other hand in any kind of emergency cases Apollo directly contact with following doctor in this case no need for the appointment.

After seeing a doctor most of the patients need to do some diagnosis. Not every patients needs that. As far as I know Apollo has a very good quality of diagnosis instruments. However I have a bitter experience on this issue. Once my husband did a blood test and the due time is after the doctor consultation time so we requested the authority to handover the test result but they said it’s not possible in anyway. After hearing that we came out from the delivery corner and a guy came over to us and said let me check if it’s possible in any way or not and gave a vibe to my husband that it may cost some money. Within 5 minutes he came back with the report and my husband gave him 200 taka. My question is already they are charging more to any kind of diagnosis so why they are doing this. On top of that if they could deliver that report then what’s the point of making this drama? Anyways I was glad that I got the report and could able to meet doctor on time.

There is another issue I was really shocked that the day when we went to doctors room there was no follow up room to take his temperature, weight or blood pressure. I think these are the things which are really important to know before judging a patient. However last time when I went to Apollo in March month then I saw that they had implemented these things.

At the end all I can say that all things has some good or bad altogether. As people need to spend a lot amount of money so it’s good to keep things under observation very strictly.

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