Chikongunia and us

Chikongunia is like a terror to Dhaka living people. This viral fever grabs my attention when I heard many of my relatives and friends are affected by this fever. I researched a little bit on this issue to learn more about it and the main reason behind it to stay myself safe.

It was first time detected in Tanzania in the year of 1953 from alpha virus. The virus spreads through mosquito bite. Few years back Bangladeshi people were introduced another fever that is Dengue which is also spreads through mosquito bite. Both Dengue and Chikongunia virus carries Adese mosquito. Though not only Ades mosquito carries the virus but also one can affected by the bite of any kind of mosquito. Generally Ades mosquito bites day time, however it can bite on the night time. Therefore it’s better to be careful both day or night time especially in the bed time.

As chikungunia is like a viral fever so the symptoms are quite same like high fever, headache, vomiting, rashes, severe pain in joint and it also can vary from man to man as not every person immune system are same. This fever can last several days to several weeks. Most interesting fact is one can have this once in his lifetime. Normal paracetamol type medicine is the only treatment for chikungunia. Other than that lots of fluids intake can be helpful to decrease the pain.

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