Humayun Ahmed died at New York at 11.15 pm

Bangladeshi great writer Humayun Ahmed died sometimes ago at Bellevue Hospital of New York, USA. He was suffering from cancer since nine months. After a major operation, his physical condition went down and on Thursday at 11.15 pm, the most popular writer of the history of Bangladesh has died.

Before the operation, twelve sessions of chemotherapy was successfully done. A tumour was removed from his liver in that operation. However, he was infected with an unknown virus. His consciousness was not back after the operation and died on that hospital on July 19 at 11.15 pm.

Humayun Ahmed was not only a writer; he was a drama maker, producer and film director. I started my first novel reading with his book. We have to agree that Humayun Ahmed had a great role to increase book-reading habit among Bangladeshis. Sometimes I felt fun, sometimes I felt sorrow when I read his book or watched a drama made by him. We really loved him. He had gone, he died! Tears in my eyes. Tears in Bangladeshis eyes.


The great writer of Bangladesh - Humayun Ahmed died

Humayun Ahmed in short:

Born: November 13, 1948

Birth Place: Kutubpur, Netrokona

Death: Thursday, July 19, 2012; Time – 11.15 pm. He was 64 years old when died.

Father: Faizur Rahman Ahmed

Mother: Aisha Fayez

Wife: Meher Afroaz Shawon

Education: SSC – Bogra Zilla School (1965), HSC – Dhaka College (1967), BSc & MSc – in Chemistry from University of Dhaka, PhD – in polymer chemistry from  North Dakota State University, US (1982).

Profession: He joined as a lecturer at Chemistry department of Dhaka University after passing MSc but he retired in 1990 to devote all his time to writing and production of film.

Some notable Novels: Nondito Noroke, Bohubrihi, Kobi, Josna o Jononir Golpo, Himu series books, Misir Ali series books, Aguner Porosmoni, Daruchini Dip and more.

Films: Aguner Poroshmony, Srabon Megher Din, Shamol Chhaya, Dui Duari, Chondro Kotha, Noy Number Bipod Songket.

Drama: Bohubrihi, Chader Aloy Koyekjon Jubok, Kothao Keo Naei, Ajj Robbar, Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo and more.

Prize: Lekhak Shibir Prize (1973), Bangla Academy Award (1981), Shishu Academy Award, Jainul Abedin Gold Medal, Michael Madhusudan Medal (1987), National Film Award (1993, 1994), Ekushe Podok (1994), and some others.

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  2. Dr J Bhattacharjee

    If possible, please up load some more details about late Humayun Ahmed for non-Bangladeshi Bengalis.

  3. ki govir sunota ene dilen apni amar vivone sir ……….koto kotha jana pora baki theke gelo ki kore samlabo nijeke jani na khub asohaye lagche ami eto dur bangladesh jete parbo na ….jokhon boi portam mone hoto koto kache ami apnar but aj jokhon apni nei bujhlam bangali hoyeo koto durotto amader modhe …..apni chirodin amar mone ujjol thakbe

  4. hmmmm.i don no wat we hav,donno wat we hav lost………
    wat i knw iz he iznt dead……
    he iz still here …
    in my heart.
    in ur heart …
    in our heart …..
    n in hiz bookz…….

  5. i cant believe this…i started to read his books just 2 months back…all the muktijudhdho books…just unbelievable…. can not bear this loss….

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