Islamic education of Muslim children:

The most basic problem with Islam is its mandatory ‘Islamic teachings’ for children. Children’s mind is just like clay and can be moulded as desired or more precisely as the religious teachers of Islam want. The two questions that come up are: where the Muslim children are taught about Islam and what are they taught by their religious teachers (Hujurs)? Such Islamic teachings are mostly given in Mosques (some wealthy families do it in homes).

The Hujurs who were taught by their Hujurs teach a new generation of Muslim children about Islam. Hujurs are mostly semiliterate particularly in Bangladesh and other parts of Indian sub-continent. The teaching is one way. Children have to believe what their Hujurs teach. Any doubt is reprimanded. The “Iman” comes in handy for the Hujurs to suppress any doubt in the minds of children about Islam. Many false and dangerous things are taught by the Hujurs under the protection of “Iman“. The teaching methods are harsh in nature.

The domestic situation of the Muslim children is no better. The main stream Muslim parents support whatever the Hujurs teach as they were also taught the same things by their Hujurs during their childhood. So, harsh Mosque and dogmatic domestic environment cannot allow any Muslim child to develop an independent opinion about religion in general and Islam in particular. On becoming adult and married he/she again sends his/her children for the same Islamic teachings. And the cycle goes on.

The next part is most dangerous. Such Islamic teaching contents, among other things, include:

  1. Parroting Qur’an.
  2. Inculcating Qur’an as divine revelation.
  3. Learning all Islamic rituals (tribal Arabic culture of 7th century including using of odd number of stones after urination).
  4. Learning by heart many fictitious and cock and bull stories (Mujejas) about Muhammad and Islam.
  5. Accepting Islam as only true religion.
  6. Learning about the need of wife beating (girls learn to accept the same).
  7. Hating all non-Islamic religions as “Jahilia”.
  8. Considering Idolaters (Hindus) as wicked, sinners and worse enemies to be wiped out.
  9. Reciting “Fee nari jahannama khalidin” (if you don’t know the meaning ask some man of knowledge)- on hearing about the death of a non-Muslim.
  10. Cultivating habit of not to mix up with non-Muslims.

Such compulsory religious brain washing during childhood is not found in other religions. The literacy level of Hujurs has nothing to do with the contents of Islamic teachings. These are almost same everywhere. Bangladeshi youths may recall the Islamic religious teachings they received in their childhood and cross-check with what I have written here.

Do such violent and dogmatic teachings of 7th century Arabia fit into present day world of Muslim children particularly in Bangladesh?