The religion of restlessness:

If at all there is an Allah, then the religion (Islam) propagated by his messenger should naturally be for the betterment of the lives of his followers. But this betterment of lives of the believers of Islam rejects the betterment of lives of non-believers.

Anybody having the knowledge about the last decade of the life of prophet will find it to be extremely turbulent and violent. The succession of prophet by the first Caliph (after the death of prophet) was also anything but smooth, collective and peaceful. This mainly led to the infamous war between Ayesha and Ali latter.

Islam claims that by leading the life in the way of Allah, the Muslims will enter into paradise in life hereafter. But in the same breath it tells that all non-Muslims will go to hell fire after death. Islam teaches hatreds and violence towards non-Muslims.

These conceptual faults in the teachings of Islam cannot allow its followers to be in peace. They perpetually remain restless and try to convert everything non-Muslims into Muslims or destroy it. Islam has given its followers the constant agony about the presence of non-Muslims on the face of earth.

If we look at the individual Islamic countries, we find no one in peaceful situation. These Islamic countries look like confused sovereigns not knowing where and how to reconcile or otherwise between Islamic and non-Islamic entities of planet earth.

At individual level, there are many Muslims who are very good people and there are many non-Muslims who are bad. However, if any Muslim is a true Muslim, then he must be a very restless person eager to destroy everything non-Muslim or to change everything non-Muslims to Muslims. He is not only restless but also a helpless person as his religion teaches him like that. If he denies this, then he ceases to be a Muslim.

Muslims scholars must examine Islamic texts and teachings in the context of 21st century to come out of this restlessness. Why can’t we start with Bangladesh? Why can’t we see that Islam has not converted Bangladesh into “Sonar Bangla”?

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