ISLAMITY: The antonym for humanity

As per recent news paper report of India, a group of 11 Muslim youths have been apprehended in Karnataka state for having links with Islamic terrorist organisations of Pakistan. The group, among others, consists of a journalist, post graduate doctor, MBA and a defense research officer. The arrest was culminated after four months of tracking and following by the police.

The disturbing aspect is as to why those Muslim youths got involved in Islamic terrorist organisations. They are apparently educated and with middle class back ground. However, It is definitely tip of the iceberg. The actual magnitude must be thousands of times more. The question is what for they did like this? Let us explore the questions:

1. Do they want to wage Jihad in India?
2. Do they want to convert India into dar-al-Islam?
3. Do they feel themselves as Pakistanis after living in India through generations?
4. Do they consider Pakistan as Islamic heaven?
5. Do they hate everything non-Muslim (say Hindu)?
6. Do they dream of Islamic Ummah?
7. Do they want to avenge the atrocities on Muslims in any part of the world?

8. Do they feel that everything of Hindu India should be destroyed?

9. Do they repent for staying back in India after partition during 1947?

10. Do they want to curb out more Pakistans from India in near future?

The actual answer can be within the list or beyond. India is not an Islamic country. It is also not Muslim majority. Muslims in India live in segregated manner in particular localities of any given area. Following of 7th century Arabic culture propagated by Prophet (one may call Islam) had made them strangers in their own country. They believe that others should follow their religion or remain ready to be sworn enemy. At least Qur’an teaches like that.

They are extra vocal about atrocities on Muslims in any part of the world. But fail to address the issue of atrocities perpetrated by Muslims on the non-Muslims in Islamic countries. They show certain degree of acceptance toward secularism so long they are in minority in India. Otherwise Islam does not have any concept of secularism. It rather hates any such idea as ‘haram‘. Muslims cannot accept the idea of pluralistic society. Indian Muslims are to be constantly pampered for their Islamic identity and not Indian identity. This has allowed them to fly Pakistani flag when Pakistan wins a cricket match against India.

The Muslims with terrorist link don’t believe in humanity. They only believe in “Islamity” (supposed antonym for humanity). This is the misfortune of such Indian Muslims.

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