Why Islam stayed and flourished?

When Mohammad died, Islam only had a few thousands of Qur’anic verses some in written (on parchments, grave stones and bones) and others in oral form with different followers.

All said and done, the question remains to be answered as to why Islam not only stayed but also flourished during past 14 centuries. The common argument is there are many things indigenously good within Islam for its success over time. But it is not only the good things that can beat time. Bad things also show the same pattern. Atrocity, murder, theft, deceit, conspiracy are some examples which are part of our social lives since time immemorial.

“Belief” is the strongest conviction that a particular thing or concept is true or false irrespective of its intrinsic truth or falsity. The first and most important precondition of Islam is this belief called ‘Iman’. One has to believe in one and only Allah and Mohammad as prophet to be a Muslim. There is no scope for question or reasoning. All religions are belief based. But in Islam it is unconditional and absolute. Thus 1.5 billion Muslims believe that there is an Arabic Allah who will send them to paradise and all non-Muslims to hell fire in life hereafter.

Islam has thrived because of some evil binding forces among its followers generated by this Iman. These forces came in to being as a result of actions and teachings of Mohammad during his life time and interpretations of Islam by different ideologues after the death of Mohammad. Mohammad’s Qur’anic verses, teachings and practices were at times vague, contradictory, cruel and obviously false. But subsequently early Islamic scholars (ideologues) explained, elaborated and formalised those as standards and did this benefit to Islam.

Muslims believe that all non-Muslims are wicked, sinners and should be avoided, killed or converted to Islam even by force. Large scale violent capture of non-Muslim area and population and their forceful conversion to Islam is the holy act of Jihad prescribed in Qur’an. Collection and distribution of booty of such plunders (including materials and human slaves) among Jihadis are holy acts approved by Islam. Islam promotes cruelty among its followers against non-Muslims. This animality is instinctively very attractive and acted as binding force among Muslims for its consolidation and expansion.

Different rituals (Friday prayer, Hajj for example) and Sunnah (beard, skullcap, burqa for example) of Islam has regimented Muslims with 7th century Islamic (Arabian) culture throughout the whole world. The concept of Ummah has given a universal Arabic identity and solidarity among Muslims all over the world negating local culture, ethnicity, language and even nationality. Thus rituals, Sunnah and Ummah have acted as binding forces within Muslims.

Islam is a fear based religion. It has been designed to instil fear in the minds of its adherents. These are fear of Allah, fear of hell and fear of punishment under the cruel Shariya laws. As per Islamic laws no Muslim can leave Islam and survive. Muslims simply don’t have any escape. Since the time of Mohammad many Muslims have raised voice against many impossibilities and irrationalities of Islam. But all were either killed or driven out. Thus Muslims’ main weapon is social ridicule and fear. Therefore, the whole Muslim population is perpetually fearful and don’t have anything but Islam to cling to. This generalised fear psychosis among Muslims is another binding force.

Islam is instilled in the minds of Muslims during childhood through compulsory religious training in Moqtab. This doctrine based and dogmatic training and subsequent peer and social pressure make Muslims united in thought and action. This is another binding force for Muslims. Besides, Islam promotes brotherhood only among Muslims.

Islam is like a massive syndicate. The bosses of the syndicate keep the Muslims under iron heels through their henchmen and ‘blasphemy laws’ and propagate Jihad against non-Muslims. Some such bosses of recent time are Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bi Laden, Mullah Omar, King of Saudi Arabia and many ideologues through out the whole world. The henchmen are some of Maulavi, Mufti, Qazi, Imam and different Islamic terrorists. All the Jihadi activities are secretive, violent and have no national boundaries. Millions of dollars are collected and spent in the process by those religious bosses. Such syndicate is in itself a strong binding force for Muslims.

The Shariya laws are hundred per cent accepted as ‘Laws of Allah’ by the Muslims . The sources of such laws are Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah. During his lifetime Mohammad delivered judgements on all contentious issues /complaints. The Shariya laws were first formally documented by Mālik ibn Anas ibn Mālik ibn Abī ‘Āmir al-Asbahī (AD 711– 795) of Madina more than one hundred years after the death of Mohammad. Subsequently, many other Islamic scholars had given different explanations and interpretations of Shariya laws. With such odd background, how Shariya laws are ‘Laws of Allah’? But the conviction of Muslims about these as ‘Laws of Allah’ acts as another binding force.

But keeping Iman at side just for a moment,

• Is there an Arabic Allah or a Satan?
• How Mohammad could self proclaim himself as a prophet?
• Is sexual life of Mohammad worthy of following?
• Is Qur’an divine revelations? Are revelations true?
• Is Islam only true religion?
• Why one should believe what were told or done by Mohammad and actually compiled much latter by many people?
• Are those compilations free of biases?
• Are Shariya laws really ‘Laws of Allah
• Is it correct to hate, kill or convert non-Muslims?
• Why man can have four wives?
• Why Islam permits wife beating?
• Are there actual paradise and hell for Muslims?
• Why Islamic paradise is obsessed with sex and wine?
• Why on same issue there are different Hadith?
• Are all Shariya laws civilised?
• Why there are different schools of Shariya laws?
• Why there are different sects in Muslims?
• Is keeping Roza beneficial for health?
• Why no Muslim can question about Islam and prophet?
• Why ‘blasphemy laws’ are needed to protect prophet and his Allah?
• Is Islam that weak?
• Is moving around Ka’aba, kissing the stone Hubal and stoning Satan during Hajj not idolatry? If these are Sunnah, then was Mohammad an idolater?
• Why Muslims should live with 7th century Arabian norms propagated by Mohammad?
• How Allah is not a presumptive belief?
• Are Muslims a dumb herd?

More and more Muslims can ask these questions to understand the truth about Islam. Once the falsehood of Iman is exposed, all other binding forces of Islam will vanish and the Muslims will first face an absolute void. The next reaction will be of disbelief followed by denial like a person who first receives the information of being diagnosed as a cancer patient. But let it be so for the sake of humanity. The truth has to prevail at last.

All of today’s other major religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jewish) have thrived through different types of tricks, brainwashing and propagating false things.

Let us say ‘down with all religions’.

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